Trump Ryan Speed Dating

Trump Ryan speed dating? Huh?

Big Red Car here. Rained hard last night. It’s May and we get our rains this time of year. Between now and Memorial Day (when we traditionally have floods), we will get a lot of rain. The lakes are already full, so the potential for flooding is high. Stay tuned.

So, Paul Ryan, and other Congressional GOPe brethren, have granted Donald Trump a Papal audience. I suspect that Donald will not be kissing anyone’s ring. Just guessing.

I predict that Paul Ryan, et al, will fall to Donald’s charms. We shall see. Otherwise, it may get messy.

Ryan beard photo

OK, I grew the beard to look cool and hip. My wife says it’s scratchy. My kids say I look like a dork.

So, what, Big Red Car, is really going on here? Reluctant hand maiden? Blushing bride? Hurt feelings?

Who is Paul Ryan, Big Red Car?

Paul Davis Ryan is a 46 year old Congressman from Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District. He is from Janesville, Wisconsin and is married to Janna Little with whom he has three children. (Lovely, I am sure.)

Educated at Miami University (stay sharp, that’s Miami University of Ohio), he is a Catholic.

Little known trivia fact — Ryan beat a pianist in his first Republican primary election victory in 1998. I never knew that the Republicans allowed pianists (surely not poets) into their ranks. Big tent, y’all. Very big tent, those Republicans. Swing a cat and you hit a pianist — maybe a poet.

Ryan was first elected in 1998 and has always garnered at least 55% of the votes (though he has never won a majority in his hometown of Janesville, hmmmmm).

I love that he ran against the same guy — Jeffrey C Thomas — in 2000, 2002, 2004, and 2006. Very collegial, chummy really. Ground hot day-ish, no?

BTW, Ryan currently has more money in his congressional campaign account, at $5,500,000, than any other member of Congress. The lobbyists and the insurance, finance (Wall Street), and the real estate lobbies love him.

He, famously, ran for Vice President with Mitt Romney in 2012. They managed to squeak out a hard fought second place finish to Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Some say that Joe Biden wiped the floor up with Paul Ryan during their only debate. Sort of agree with that assessment.

Paul Ryan is the current Speaker of the House of Representatives which puts him third in succession to the Presidency if anything happens to the President and Vice President. [President, Vice President, Speaker of the House, President Pro Tempore of the Senate, Secretary of State — hey, you knew that, right?]

This is all good but Ryan’s real claim to fame is that he had a summer job with Oscar Mayer Weiners during which he got to drive the Wienermobile.

If that fact had come out more forcefully during the 2012 political election, who knows what the impact might have been? The Wienermobile!

Why is Trump meeting with this GOPe guy, Ryan?

Trump, who has declared open season on the Republican Establishment and their convoluted and crooked system of picking delegates to their convoluted and crooked nominating convention, is meeting with Paul Ryan because Ryan has expressed some reluctance to support Trump’s hard won candidacy for President.

Says he needs to be “courted” and “wooed” and be treated with sensitivity. Not taken for granted like a  ten dollar puta. Yes, he said that. (Well, maybe, not the puta part. OK, sorry.)

Once a political party selects a nominee — even if their system is convoluted and corrupt — the political party closes ranks behind their duly selected nominee, respects the will of the people (the boss’s really), makes it official at their convention, gets into “general election” battle dress, and whips the opponent like a rented mule.

Speaker Ryan, apparently, does not recall how the party in 2012 did just that with him and Mitt Romney. Coalescing around that stiff was no small feat. Sorry. Ryan has a short memory. People with short memories have short . . . . .

[No, Big Red Car, we are not going there. No.]

Paul Ryan has indicated he is currently unable to support Donald Trump. Refer back to the “courting” business above.

This is awkward for both of them because, as I said, Ryan is the Speaker of the House — arguably the top elected Republican — and is slated to run the freakin’ Republican convention in July in Cleveland. Awkward, no?

So, tomorrow, they are going to meet to have a chat.

Trump Ryan Speed Dating? Help me out, here, Big Red Car

OK, dear reader, we’ve kept it classy. Let me ‘carsplain it for y’all.

Ryan is a big dog in the GOPe — the Republican Establishment — that Trump has been riding (deriding?) to the nomination. The people don’t trust the leaders of either party. Hence, the Trump insurgency (WINNING) and the Bernie Communist thingy.

Ryan is not a nationally elected official. He was elected a Congressman in a district in Wisconsin and when Cryin’ John Boehner (who likes Trump and plays golf with him and texts with him and goes to tanning spas with him — OK, the tanning spa thing is a lie) got the boot from the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party, Ryan allowed himself to be drafted and anointed but only if the Republicans agreed to give him his way on ………………………….. everything.

So desperate were the Republicans, they did. Such a little flirt was Ryan. Coquettish.

The angry Republican electorate, in 2014, gave the GOPe the House. They gave them the Senate. The President, stupidly, made it easy by saying, “Make no mistake, my policies are on the ballot.”

Yeah, well, that worked out well, eh? Nice work, Mr. President. Guess those policies were not all that attractive as you got the biggest electoral barbed wire enema in a century. Well played.

What did the Republicans do with that Congressional control, Big Red Car?

The Republicans enacted and funded all of President Obama’s initiatives, pissed on the sequester agreement, loaded up the Obama credit card, increased the credit limit thereon, and went back to telling everyone how damn “conservative” they are.

The big knock on Trump? He’s not a “conservative.” A “true conservative.” Cause, apparently, a true conservative assumes the position and does President Obama’s bidding without complaining. That’s what Ryan and McConnell did. [Note: Ryan has read a lot of Ayn Rand, so there is that. But, then, so has the Big Red Car.]

What the GOPe, and Ryan and Mitch McConnell, don’t get is that the little people, the voters (y’all, dear readers), have spoken and left the building. They are mad at the GOPe and have now thrown in with Donald Trump. More votes than free ice cream.

Trump Melania and cub pic

WONDERFUL Donald, future First Lady Melania, and cub. Cub says, “Awesome, Dad.” Melania says, “Donald, the Tweeting. Stop it. Now.”

Bottom line it, Big Red Car

Donald Trump has gotten to where he is by making war against the establishment. The establishment (Papa Bush, Baby Boy Bush, Low Energy Jeb Bush, Lindsay Graham, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Karl Rove, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan — the “yesterday” wing of the Republican party — the guys whose brilliance lost the last two elections) is angry.

Trump is on a roll and is winning. Big time. Winning.

Hey, the guy is all about ……………………………… WINNING. Right?

There is no good reason — other than some mythical notion of party unity — that Donald Trump should stop dancing with the gal who brung him. [No, dear reader, not Melania. The voters who are also pissed off with the GOPe. Sheesh. Follow this.]

Ryan, on the other hand, is likely to be substantially less popular with the voters. He has drawn a primary challenger, a good one. He is susceptible to being Cantored. [Look up Eric Cantor.]

Ryan has already offered up that he will hand over his role as the emcee of the Republican party convention. Likely avoiding getting canned by the nominee. [Don’t say it. Do not say it. OK — “You’re fired, Paul Ryan.” I told you not to say it.]

So, there you have it, y’all.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I can’t wait until tomorrow. Next, Mitch McConnell, the Democrat from Uranus.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Dance with the gal who brung you, sport. So, there it is, y’all. Trump Ryan speed dating. Stay tuned. cropped-LTFD-illust_300.png




5 thoughts on “Trump Ryan Speed Dating

  1. So no getting down on Paul Ryan or you may need new sneakers! Joe Biden did a Trump on Ryan in the debate, acting out rather than policy discussion. Drama won the ratings Ryan won the debate!
    Ryan has been doing a great job theses last months pushing back, getting stuff done and communicating principles in every bill. Conservatives got rid of the bad apple or Orange, you know the Obama smoke break buddy that uses Trumps tanning salon!
    I know you like Donalds hair blowing back in when the top is down but Paul Ryan is the adult in this conversation and Donald should know when he has a top CEO like any chairman on the board would. Use him, listen to him, and let him shine.
    BTW the Tool in the room is Palin! She can go home anytime and shut the empty hole that leads to the void where most of us keep our brain!

    • .
      Paul Ryan has co-sponsored 70+ bills in is career and only 2 have ever become law. He is a nice clean cut guy but as a legislator — meh.

      He funded the entire Obama agenda. How would he have acted if he were a Democrat?

      EXACTLY the same.

      Ryan is a poseur. Talks a good game but accomplishes nothing.

      Been in the Congress for 18 years and has accomplished NOTHING.

      It is very difficult to see how a big spender, an Obama enabler, an Obama funder, an amnesty guy — is a conservative? Huh? Conserving exactly what?

      Could be wrong, no?


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