Bitcoin ATM in Austin

Big Red Car here. Hey, what happened to the sun? Hey, Sol, where are you?

So The Boss stumbles on a bitcoin ATM — apparently the second one in Austin and here’s the story.

You will have to go elsewhere to learn about bitcoin. Here is a very good resource to learn all one needs to know about bitcoin. They are at run by a smart guy, William Mougayar.

The Ultimate List of Bitcoin and Blockchain White Papers

Read all those papers and you will KNOW some bitcoin, mate. Promise.

Anyway, The Boss is a skeptic on the issue of bitcoin — primarily on its cryptocurrency implications but he is modestly supportive of the implications of the blockchain as a means of organizing data, a software solution to some potentially messy problems. Much work left to be done.

Read a few of the white papers and get a sense of what is going on here. It is either a revolutionary development or a huge head fake. Read and decide for yourself.

Anyway, there is a Bitcoin ATM in Austin, Texas at Central Texas Gun Works down on Ben White Boulevard.

Central Texas Gun Works is where The Boss goes for his pistol marksmanship training and his CHL (concealed handgun license) training. He was there yesterday. They have an extraordinarily professional and skillful staff.

The Boss was never much of a pistol shot though he did fire Expert on the M1911A1 in the Army back in the 1970s. That’s a .45 caliber Army semi-automatic pistol first developed to kill drug crazed Filipino rebels back in 1911. It is often more deadly when thrown than when fired. [That’s an inside the Army joke, y’all, because it is a very heavy weapon and difficult to shoot.]

To be clear, the anonymity of bitcoin does not in any way attach itself to the purchase of any weapons in Texas. There is still a very strict protocol to buy a weapon in Texas.

The owner of Central Texas Gun Works says the ATM machine gets daily use, so what does that mean?

There are now two bitcoin ATMs in Austin. This is clearly a ground floor opportunity.

The Boss shot 232/250 when he usually shoots 250/250. Only need 175/250 to qualify. It was very cold and rainy — lame excuses, Boss. [You can either shoot that Beretta or you can’t. Need some more marksmanship training from Marine sniper Jeremy, Boss. Get it. A Marine sniper is always a damn good marksmanship instructor but never make the mistake of calling him a “former” Marine sniper. You are a Marine forever.]

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car.





6 thoughts on “Bitcoin ATM in Austin

  1. I’m a bitcoin nut, as you know. But I also fail to see the purpose of a bitcoin ATM, other than as an amusement.

  2. Thanks JLM for raising awareness about Bitcoin, and it’s great to see Bitcoin ATMs make it into Austin.

    Well, the money part is only 1 app of the Bitcoin/Blockchain revolution that’s happening right now. Unfortunately, it’s a curiosity right now, more than a real need, i.e. if you stick $20 in that machine to get back a QR code of funny money, it’s because you’re curious and want to experience this new thing.

    Being in the trenches on this, I can say with great confidence that it’s not a head fake, but it’s early days. And I would add that the biggest promise lies with the blockchain technology, which is the backbone upon which Bitcoin is based. The blockchain will enable a number of services that you will use, without even knowing you are.

    These kiosks remind me of the old Internet kiosks back in the day, circa 1995-1996. Remember when they popped-up in hotel and office lobbies, and what they allowed you to do was to “browse the internet”….Well big whoop. Then the Internet became about commerce, business, networks, etc..

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