Big Red Rules IV

Big Red Car here.  Time for another round of Big Red Rules.  Go look at the former Big Red Rules.

Big Red Rules

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This week we some submissions from our friend, Rohan Rajiv of London, who writes  a great blog — A Learning a Day.

We work his suggestions in a clever and sly manner such that Rohan can recognize them but the Big Red Car gets the credit.

Only in America

Only in America could folks who believe in a balanced budget and adherence to the Constitution be thought of as “extremists”.

Only in America can politicians talk about the GREED of the rich at a $35,000/plate campaign fundraising event.

Only in America — where you need an ID to drive a car, cash a check, get on an airplane — could it be considered undue harassment to show an ID to vote.


In life, do not “drift” — STEER.  Go somewhere.

In life there are no Mulligans, only a few do-overs but lots of second chances.

Mistakes don’t really matter.  They are the stuff of tuition.  There is a reason why the victor is determined by the score at the END of the game and not the second inning.

Practice matters.  But not really all that much.  If practice were really important every time you said Michael Jordan you would also say my name.  Game day is THE day.


“I can’t” is a conversation with yourself.  The world thinks you can.  Fake it until you can make it.  But do it.

Inside of you is every good characteristic of mankind just waiting to be discovered.  All it takes to bring it to the surface is the tiniest bit of friction and resolve.  Want to be generous — start today.

Courage is simply continuing to act, to do what you know to be right when your brain is telling you — “Whoa, Nellie.”

You are the embodiment of the best things from thousands of years of breeding.  Of course, you can master calculus.

You think, you say, you do — you reveal the real you.  Think good thoughts and then say them and then act upon them.  You are now the unequivocal master of you.

Class, classiness

Money definitely does not buy class.  Ask the cast of Jersey Shore about that one.

Money cannot buy happiness — it can however rent it.

Courtesy never ever goes out of style.

Classy people treat others better than they expect and never worse than they deserve.

Punctuality is the last courtesy of Kings.  You, my friend, are a King.  Be punctional.

The Beclowning of Chuck Hagel

Chuck to the Senate:  “Our policy toward Iran is “containment”.
Aide, whispering in Chuck’s ear:  “sssssssssssss”
Chuck to the Senate:  “Ooops, I misspoke.  Our policy toward Iran is not containment.  It is “prevention.”

Hey, a nominee for Secretary of Defense should get those kind of questions correct.

Hey, Big Red Car, are you sure there is such a word as “beclowning”?  Yes — it happens when you transform yourself into a clown


Dogs are gifts from God — who else thinks as highly of you as your Labrador?  Certainly not your spouse.

Whichever dog first invented “wagging” — damn good invention and apparently universally accepted.

 Have you ever seen a Shih Tzu terrorize a much bigger dog?  It’s not the dog in the fight, it’s the fight in the dog.  When all else fails, act like a pissed off Shih Tzu.  It will really surprise people.

The Nerd

Remember The Nerd you used to pick on in high school, Football Team Captain, sold his company for $300,000,000, took your hot former girlfriend to the Turks & Caicos for a month, came home with no tan lines?  Turns out he likes to work remotely from his ski chalet in Tahoe.  Did you know that your old girlfriend was such a good skier?  She says “Hi!”.

Remember The Nerd you used to pick on in high school, Football Team Captain, sold his company for $300,000,000, took your hot former girlfriend skiing?  Turns out she and the Nerd have another common interest?  Hot tubbing!  Unfortunately she forgot her swim suit but apparently that doesn’t matter.  She says:  “Hi!”


The juice is always worth the squeeze.

Go ahead, burn the damn candle at both ends.  Stock up on candles first.

Did the Alabama quarterback get the beautiful girl or did the beautiful girl get the Alabama quarterback?  Or was something else entirely at play here?

 But, hey, what the Hell do I know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.


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