Big Red Rules III

Big Red Car here.  How about some more Big Red Rules?

Take a look at Big Red Rules and Big Red Rules II.


A bad idea supported by a majority does NOT become a good idea.  It is still a bad idea.  Do not mistake the verdict of the ballot box for wisdom.

A good idea is not enough, somebody has to implement it and make it work.  You can draw all the great shoe designs you want but someone has to be the shoemaker.

When ideas wrestle in hand to hand combat, the result is stronger and better ideas.  Let the ideas marinate, wrestle and then dry off in the sun — the ideas will be stronger.  This is why it is important for politicians to have hearings and public debate — to make the ideas stronger.

You never know from whence a good idea will emanate.  Keep your head on a swivel, your eyes moving and your ears open.  And your mouth shut.  Listen.

Great ideas may need to iterate to fulfill their potential.  Sometimes ideas must build on their own foundation.


If it costs the same amount to dream BIG dreams as it does to dream LITTLE dreams, why the Hell not dream big?

“Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that all was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they act their dream with open eyes, and make it possible.” — Be a dreamer of the day!  Make it happen.

When I have accomplished something I realized it was not all a dream.  Some of its was just a foreshadowing.  Make YOUR dreams come true.

Who first dreamed the silly notion that you could carry around a wafer of plastic in your pocket and be connected to the entire world AND get sports game scores?  And now we bitch about download speed?


War is the ultimate obscenity and yet we must be good at it or we shall have more of it.

Thank God for places like West Point, Virginia Military Institute, the Citadel, Texas A & M, Annapolis, the Air Force Academy — they take our best and our best protect the rest.  Where do we get young men and women like this?

There are people out there who want to kill you just because you are an American, no other reason.  That is completely unreasonable.  And, yet, we want to negotiate with people like that in some drunken notion that we can actually reason with them.  You can’t reason with unreasonable men.  Who are the dumb asses here?

More wars have been started by a bad peace than almost anything else.  Many wars are just the current chapter of the same book.  We never seem to be able to finish the book.  War has been in the Middle East since the Crusades — same teams, different uniforms.  And what are they fighting about again?


Sometimes seemingly small or simple pleasures may be all the pleasure you can bear or need at that instant in time.  Remember that first swallow of an ice cold beer — Miller Genuine Draft in a freakin’ can no less — after a long walk on a hot summer day?  It does NOT get better than that.  Shut up and enjoy it.  Rub that cold can on your forehead before you take the second sip and then drink the rest down in one long swallow.  You are as near to Heaven as you can be at that instant in time.

When you hit it big and you go out for fajitas, they will cost the same regardless of who you are.  So are you any less well off than that millionaire in the next booth?  You are both eating the same damn fajitas.  Smile at him slyly, wink at your sweetie and celebrate the fact that you are at last eating like a millionaire.


Let’s stop demonizing success.  When you are successful, you are an example to everyone who wants to work hard and succeed.  When did it become something to be ashamed of to have worked your ass off to make your family’s lives better?

You can do more good works in the short term with a full wallet than an empty one.  Tithe to the world but don’t ever mistake good fortune for good luck.

Success will change you.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  But, here’s the secret — it may change you for the BETTER because now you will have the resources to put into practice your own best ideas as to how to serve mankind.

Remember the nerd you went to high school with who sold his company for $300,000,000, Football Team Captain, who took your old girlfriend to the Turks & Caicos for what you thought was a couple of weeks?  Turns out she has trained him into a very good kisser and they have extended their stay for a couple weeks longer.  Your girlfriend says he is a real quick learner and has no reluctance to practice.  No tan lines and they both said:  “Hi.”


You want equality, buy a time piece — a watch.  Now look at the second hand going round and round.  You get the same number of seconds per minute as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.  Even in Leap Year.  Don’t squander them.

We are all entitled to equal opportunity — a big lie in my book, but play along — not to equal outcomes.  And, yes, sometimes life sticks its thumb in your eye.  That’s why you have two eyes.

You want some cheese with that whine.  The world really doesn’t care.  What does not kill you does make you stronger.


Remember I told you:  Every story that starts with — “Dad, it was 2:00 in the morning….” will always have a bad outcome.  Well Number One Son’s roommate gets robbed,  stabbed twelve times, almost bleeds out and almost loses his pinky when walking home drunk in Scottsdale.  What time was it?  Right, 2:00 AM.  Big Red Car cannot help you if you are not going to respect the truth.

Anybody or any Nation that runs up a credit card bill equal to their entire annual income, has a SPENDING problem.

When you get caught in a lie, you do not get a Mulligan.  And, yes, Bill Clinton did have sex with THAT woman, Miss Lewinski.

But, hey, what do I know really?  I’m just a Big Red Car.

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