J & H Upholstery — Rehab Your Leather

Big Red Car here in a sunny ATX with the good vibe of the Carolina Tarheels making it to the Elite Eight. Gotta love those Heels. OK, now they play … Kentucky, who beat them 103-100 in the regular season, but that “regular” season was a long time ago. I thought Kentucky looked fabulous beating UCLA.

So, today the Big Red Car is keeping company with a slightly oldish 2006 GMC Yukon, which The Boss received for free. Free is good. Free is also complicated.

Free — after $2,250 worth of upholstery repair, fluid changes, A/C work, new brakes, shocks, bit of power steering work — is not always inexpensive. Still, let us not look a gift horse in the mouth as it rides like silk and will be a great road trip car.

J & H Upholstery

J & H Upholstery in South Austin is the go-to place if you want your upholstery holes fixed and fixed well. Total cost was $515. Dropped off the car on a Monday at 8:00 AM and it was done in five hours.



Compare this to the after.


AFTER The leather seat has not yet been cleaned, so disregard the seat other than the repaired panel. Looking a bit better, no?

There was some other work.


BEFORE, somebody has sharp elbows.

Then, there is the repair.



One last one, shall we?


Two sharp elbows?

And, the winner is?


So, there you have it. J & H Upholstery in Austin By God Texas.

J & H Upholstery
1202 West Slaughter Lane
Austin, Texas 78748
512-282-0444 (Rick)

So, there you have it. From the Big Red Car to the youthful Yukon with the fixed upholstery.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car wanting a paint job and some upholstery work. Hey,  Rick? Haha, be good to yourselves and Hook ‘Em, Heels!cropped-LTFD-illust_300.png

3 thoughts on “J & H Upholstery — Rehab Your Leather

  1. Amazing how they did those repairs so well and so quickly.

    Yes, as a startup CEO keeping the burn rate low, I drive an old Chevy S-10 Blazer, something of a cousin of your Yukon. Yup, maintenance has have not been free.

    There’s been a lot of corrosion that got repaired — brake lines, fuel lines, gas tank, radiator, driver’s side door latch, right rear brake backing plate (heavy thing, surprised it rusted out, but it did).

    I fixed the door latch and, thus, had to remove/replace the door panel. Slowly learned to do that. Had to do it again when the driver’s side rear view mirror spot welds succumbed to vibration and gave way. Amazon had a nice, new mirror assembly cheap, but I had to learn how to put it on, complete with just the right Torx driver.

    Yes, it has recently new brakes — all the parts — all around.

    Curiously, all the shocks and the front suspension bushings are all original — apparently a benefit of buying a vehicle that has a chassis from a light truck intended for real work on farms, etc. To get a really rugged suspension is a lot of why I got the Blazer.

    Also, none of the upholstery is cracked or torn!

    So, while the Blazer is working, my development computer is failing: Last night it quit before successfully backing up 45 GB from one of the disk drives. Try again tonight. Not having reliable backup is a big bummer. So, I’m ordering the parts for a new computer, maybe 20 times faster. This time I’m putting in error correcting coding main memory, three internal hard disks with lots of extra space for internal backup, lots of fans with their speed controlled with pulse width modulation from system software and the motherboard, lots of air flow in the case, etc.

    I was backing up to a 2 TB Western Digital USB external hard drive — cute thing, and amazing.

    Recently for my sister in law, put together a collection of Pavarotti singing Italian opera. It seems that nearly always it is some man, usually in trouble of some kind, singing about a girl (feminists: That’s nicer than saying woman). Maybe if we do better working hard and smart we can avoid such problems, but likely not always! Apparently no one can avoid all the chuckholes in the roads!

    The list of URLs has some good performances and is:



















    Ah, enjoy! Vote for favorites?

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