Predictions 2022 Scorecard

Before I publish my 2023 predictions, let’s put a red pen to how the Big Red Car did in 2022, shall we?


The economy, in general, will be a mixed bag filled with dangerous sharp-edged objects that will require careful and cautious handling. CORRECT

 1. GDP growth will be consistently lower than 2% for the entire year. The post-Pandemic Dead Cat Bounce is over. CORRECT

We will print two quarters at ZERO growth and it will feel like we have an ulcer, a bleeding ulcer, but tech will continue to roll up impressive gains. CORRECT/WRONG

Be long QQQ or TQQQ <<< no, Hell no, don’t take investment advice from a bloody car. You’re smarter than that. WRONG Continue reading


Criminalizing Disinformation

Happy New Year, y’all.

“Disinformation” is the new vocabulary word used by the Dems, the left, the Deep State, the MSM, and social media to identify anything that:

 1. criticizes them (talking to you, Director Wray of the FBI),

 2. reveals their bad acts (Hunter Biden and the laptop story), or

 3. with which they disagree.

[To make it easier for y’all: Pretty much anything a Rep or a conservative says is disinformation. Hope this helps.]

The left has now called to criminalize disinformation — meaning have Congress (a huuuuuge source of disinformation) pass laws to exact criminal penalties for advancing disinformation as they define it. Continue reading


Are The Biden Admin and the Dems Pro- or Anti- Business? National Security?

Clearly the answer to the above question can be determined definitively by considering the provisions of the 4,000+ page, makeshift, abrogation-of-duty, bacchanal, omnibus budget bill.

You know the one nobody will read and everybody will vote for so they can go home on Christmas recess?

I have been studying it. You knew I would. It is a Jabba the Hutt orgy of spending and earmarks. It is disgusting. It is also dangerous.

Here is an example:

 1. Since 1954, American business has been able to “expense” legitimate research and development expenses. Continue reading


How Republicans Manage To LOSE Constantly

Herschel Walker lost the Georgia Senate runoff election to Senator Warnock yesterday in typical Republican fashion:

 1. The Republicans have no GOTV ground game that can compete with the Dems. This is compounded by the county map scale issue explained below.

 2. The Republicans failed to raise sufficient money to compete with the Warnock campaign in the media. Warnock controlled the messaging – a series of non-stop, brutal attacks on the character of Walker until Election Day.

 3. The Republicans have no national leadership at the Republican National Committee level that can send a SWAT team to deal with critical local elections.

 4. The Republicans continue to focus on Election Day rather than early voting. Classic Election Day v Election Season problem.

Election Season v Election Day Explained

 5. The Republicans failed to close ranks and work for the overall good of the party. Continue reading


The Wildly Inconsistent and Confusing Energy Policy of the Biden Admin

Comes now the Biden War on Energy wherein President Biden took a series of anti-energy actions during his first week in office to include the gleeful cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada to the US Gulf Coast.

On the cutting room floor lies 900MM barrels per day lost to the Keystone XL Pipeline cancellation. Alas and alack!

Many will say these singularly targeted Executive Orders began the relentless and cruel rise of inflation from the 1.4% that Trump bequeathed to his successor.

The “many” would be right. Just look at this chart.

Continue reading


Hold On On That Victory Lap, Amigo

So the Biden White House put on their jogging shoes and took a victory lap last week because “. . . IT IS WORKING!”

“It” is, of course, the admin’s brilliant inflation reduction plan – a highly secret document, apparently – that resulted in PPI (Producer Price Index – the price of things on the manufacturers’ dock before it arrives at the consumer) “falling” from 8.4% in September 2022 to 8.0% in October.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, right?

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FTX – Tom Brady Is In – ARE YOU?

There is little to be added to the colossal shit storm that is FTX.

Thousands of people lost millions of dollars directly (Sequoia $213MM) or indirectly (Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan $95MM). Wow, that is a lot of teacher pension money.

Crypto Wunderkind Sam Bankman – Fried who raised $1.7B in funding over 7 rounds since 1 Jan 2018.

The enablers are coming out of the woodwork to ensure that everybody knows this is NOT an indictment of the entire Crypto World or WebIII. Good luck with that.

It is just some low grade incompetence or imprudence with a possible bit of criminal behavior – the SEC and the FBI are looking into that wrinkle.

What is not happening is any chatter from FTX’s celebrity endorsers. Continue reading