Getting Out And About — The Revolution Begins

We are by our nature social creatures and the evil Chinese Pandemic has cut us off from our natural outlets for social contact and discourse. I feel it like an oppressive force as if cut off from the sun for two years.

Skype, Zoom, MS Teams tried their best to bring us together, but they are two dimensional and do not fulfill that social need.

We can get our groceries delivered — and, boy oh boy, did I — but it foils our need to see, talk to, and be in the company of other people — not intimate friends, but the masses of humanity that are the stage set for our lives.

I miss the coffee shop humanity, the partisan crowds at sporting events, the hungry people at the grocery store, and the reverent churchgoers.

Today I announce with defiance and determination: I have thrown off the yoke and I am back in play at the vanguard of a revolt.

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And A Malaise Descended Upon The Land

Everywhere I look everybody is pissed off.

Likely, you are not old enough to have been an adult during the Carter administration when we had a similar malaise about energy and American impotence. Allow me to draw the parallels for y’all.

Violent extremists, domestic terrorists holding inflammatory signs at a School Board meeting. Can’t you just feel the criminal behavior? Don’t they look like desperate criminals? Let’s call the FBI on these unmasked desperadoes.

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Solving The Wrong Problem

Government at all levels often solves the wrong problem, is not very smart, is slow to act. Allow me to provide a vivid example.


Shipping is backing up at West Coast ports with more than 100 ships awaiting unloading at ports like Long Beach and Los Angeles. This will negatively impact Christmas sales, the cost of transportation, and temporary holiday hiring.

Here is a recent graphic showing the status of Long Beach.

The yellow dots are ships waiting to unload.

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Civil Disobedience >>>>> Precursor To What?

The United States of America was created by leaders in the North American English Colonies rising in revolt against their English King who at that time commanded the largest and most lethal army and navy in the world. King George III started his reign as a popular king known for being able to speak to the “common man.”

King George III, the man who made the United States of America and never got the credit. Weird looking left hand?

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CEO Shoptalk — Not Cleared In Hot

When you are calling in CAS (close air support — might be Snakes, Warthogs, fast movers, Puff the Magic Dragon — I know, dating myself) you will tell the flyboys they are “cleared hot” meaning they can bring their special brand of firepower and turn it loose on the target and that the friendlies are out of the line of fire. You are also assuring them that if you had guns firing that the gun-target line is clear.

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Hunter Biden, An Exclusive Interview With The Artiste

Today, your Big Red Car brings you the talented and mysterious artiste Hunter Biden who has agreed to sit down with us in his studio, take a break from his heavy painting and exhibition schedule, and chat about things.

The artiste Hunter Biden with some of his inspiring work in his studio which used to be his living room.

Hunter: Look, Big Red Car, a couple of ground rules first.

BRC: Sure, Hunter, what’s on your mind?

HB: No Ukraine, Buresma, drugs, hookers, private equity, no laptop baloney — deal? Art, only art, I’m a serious artiste. Notice I put an “e” on it. So, we good?

BRC: Sounds fair. Let’s dive into it. How long have you been a serious artist?

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Cut The Crap — Fentanyl And The Southern Border

I have been totally mystified as to what the end game is on the Southern Border — why? What is going on on the border? I live in Texas and it is a disaster.

It is not, however, solely about a broken, nonsensical, sophomoric immigration policy — we are on track to admit more ILLEGAL immigrants than LEGAL immigrants which seems sort of dumb — it is also about drugs, in particular FENTANYL.

Fentanyl (developed in 1960 as a legitimate drug as a painkiller and as a surgery anesthetic because it did not make patients nauseous) is a hyper-dangerous synthetic opioid that is 100 X more powerful than morphine and 50X more powerful than heroin which is damn strong.    Continue reading


The Three Year Itch, The Second Scale

If you are a startup that has survived for three years, have a substantial gross revenue, are EBITDA positive, are GAAP earnings profitable, and have an attractive annual growth rate — CONGRATULATIONS.

You are a top 1-5% startup company and now you face the Three Year Itch or the Second Scale issue.

The problem is this —

 1. You are as busy as a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. Everybody is working their butt off. You can feel the effort in the air. Taste it. You are proud, but exhausted.

 2. Noting the above, you feel the need to add hands and person hours to the organization — maybe, just to relieve the perceived burden currently. Belay that thought.

In your exhaustion, you are struggling to figure out how. Perfectly normal, sorry.

 3. You want to grow — double in sales in the next 2-3 years [in my mind, you are in the $10MM range headed to $25MM in Year 3 of the New Plan (meaning Year 6 from founding)].

 4. You are clearly a powerful entrepreneur, but you have no idea how to handle the next three years — you had no idea how to form a company and take it to market, but you seem to have knocked it out of the park, so do not fret.

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