Wild About: The Wyld, Savannah

Savannah is a water town — astride the Savannah River downtown, alongside the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and bisected by water cuts — all framed by gorgeous, fragrant marshes, nature’s cleansing system. It is a thoroughly delightful environment.

Part of that delight is when good food is served from the bountiful seafood harvest on the edge of the water itself. Such a place is The Wyld astraddle miles of marsh reeds bending in the breeze.

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The Taliban Will Control Afghanistan in Six Months

It is tempting to blame President Joe Biden for pulling US troops out of Afghanistan, characterizing him and his ilk as being soft on defense (which they are), but that would be inaccurate and unfair.

The decision to finally and pragmatically pull the plug on A’stan was made by the Trump admin. He ran for President promising to get the US out of Afghanistan categorizing the war as already lost.

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Ideators, Incubators, Accelerators

I have been (after a 40-year business career) assisting a handful of ideators, incubators, and accelerators as a mentor and sitting on their investment committees and selection bodies for a decade.

I am often asked to sit in with the band more times than I can actually accommodate, but I try to keep a hand in the game. It is a wonderful learning experience and, honestly, I am amazed how often my knowledge can be a huge assist to a young entrepreneur (none of whom have ever read Drucker).

There is a lot of confusion as to the difference and purpose of each of these approaches to encouraging entrepreneurship.

Here is the way I view them:

Ideator. An ideator is where entrepreneurs go to create and test an investable idea. They consider and formulate an idea that is either:

 1. an aspirin (an antidote to the world’s pain in some meaningful fashion) or,

 2. a vitamin (an improvement in society’s health in some meaningful fashion).

The journey through the ideator ends when the entrepreneur can get knowledgeable folks to say, “Yeah, I can see that working.”

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Garbo’s Inadequate Lobster Roll — An Austin Travesty

I love a lobster roll. Who doesn’t? Sure, they can be pricey, but you, amigo, are worth it.

There are only a handful of places you can get a good one in Austin By God Texas.

One of those places is Barton Creek Country Club. They used to call theirs a “lobster club.” Here is one in the wild. You get them at Crenshaw’s bar. Very nice. Very, very, very nice on the way home from church.

I had one the other day and it was inspiring in its deliciousness. Truly inspiring. [Pro tip: it puts your loved ones in a very expansive and happy mood. Happy wife, happy life. No?]

Barton Creek Country Club — lots of lobster for $19. No roll is a little off-putting, but the magnitude and freshness of the lobster makes up for it. We are flexible.

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Audacity, American Audacity

God bless America. Today, we celebrate American audacity — the willingness to take bold risks in the face of fatal outcomes. It is a characteristic of a man not all men possess.

More than 245 years ago, a handful of American men decided they had had enough preditations from an English king who possessed the largest and most powerful army and navy in the world to enforce his edicts against his subjects.

After careful deliberations, these audacious men declared independence from their king deciding that their rights were “unalienable” and were granted by God and that the power of governments should be derived from those who consented to be governed — not from kings.

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Implications of the New Awakening for B2C Businesses

America is awakening from the Pandemic Slumber — some states like Texas and Florida are fully awake and have been for a short period of time. The rest of the other states are throwing off their Rip Van Winkle nightshirts and starting to stretch.

What is also happening is:

 1. People are no longer huddled in front of their computers (shout out to Netflix) 24/7 whilst imprisoned in their homes binge buying things from the ‘Net and Amazon.

 2. People are emerging to partake of restaurants, entertainment, travel, catchup family visits, going to delayed wedding receptions, and walks in the park with a vengeance giving rise to revenge expenditures of funds. There is an energy nigh unto a frenzy to get out and about.

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Patriotism, Nationalism — Explained

Having a chat with a chap — a great patriot by the way who served our nation with great distinction — the other day and we got wrapped in our underwear as to the implications of patriotism versus nationalism as it is used today in the national dialog.

What is patriotism, Big Red Car?

The first recorded use of the word in North America goes back to the early 1700s and became relevant to the Colonies in the 1770s when it was used to describe those men who would ultimately fight a war of revolution, a war of independence, against the British Crown who commanded the largest army and navy in the world at that time.

A patriot and his horse. General George Washington, later our first and second Presidents, was considered the finest horseman in the Colonies. He said his black manservant, William “Billy” Lee, was the better horseman and he, Geo Washington, was Number Two.

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