Company Culture — the power of ritual

Big Red Car here.  Wonderful morning — clear and bright — in Austin, Texas.  Makes a 1966 Impala Super Sport cherry red convertible glad to be alive.

The Boss is on to church this morning.  An exercise in ritual?  Hell yes, says the Big Red Car irreverently and really in a low class boorish way.  Get back on the high road, Big Red Car.  It’s Sunday for goodness sake. Continue reading


Company Culture — Roles

Big Red Car here.  Bit of a gloomer here in the ATX.  Wet and humid.  Looks like rain but it is May and that is when it rains here in the ATX.  So bring on the rains.

Company culture — we’ve been chatting about it.  It is a bit more complex to discuss than just having Taco Tuesday.  But, hey, you knew that already.

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Essential Ingredients in a Robust Company Culture

Big Red Car here.  Going to be a nice day in the ATX and a great day to discuss the essential ingredients in a robust Company Culture.

The Boss was looking through some old files and came upon a picture book from a company he founded and grew to almost 500 employees and then sold the assets.  It was a “good lick”.  It seemed to bring a smile to his face.

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Company Culture, an anecdote

Big Red Car here.  Company culture is an interesting topic and The Boss has started a series — The Company Culture Series — on the subject.

Recently he was meeting and laughing with an old pal of his with whom he had worked about 20 years ago and he was reminding The Boss of how he used to drill the company Mission Statement into the heads of his folks.  It’s a funny story that demonstrates several things.

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