Company Culture — the Power of Empowerment and Self Determination

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So we have been beating our gums about Company Cultures.  Go see what we have said thus far here — The COMPANY CULTURE Series.  Some good stuff there.

Self determination

A powerful element of any company governance (and thus the development of a robust Company Culture) is the formation of task forces to deal with specific issues — such as the company’s health care program.

These task forces represent a huge opportunity for an enlightened company — and what company would admit to not being enlightened, haha, very funny Big Red Car — to use the brain power of its teammates to deal with a problem and to delegate specific powers to them.

This empowerment through self determination is an indicator of a mature management and a robust Company Culture.

It is a very good thang, sayeth the Big Red Car.

Opportunities for the exercise of self determination

There are a great number of opportunities for self determination in the startup or small to medium company environment.

Examples might be the following:

1.  The determination and policies pertaining to specific company benefits;

2.  The planning and execution of company events, festivities and gathering;

3.  The maintenance, updating and renovation of the company’s physical plant; and,

4.  The review and updating of company policies.

These are just a few examples.  Want to start a riot, ask the folks what color to paint the company headquarters.

The outcomes

Done correctly this exercise in empowerment will have the following salutary benefits:

1.  The folks will like to control their own destinies and will appreciate the opportunity to do so;

2.  Folks from departments which do not routinely come into contact with each other will have the opportunity to work together on something which will have a positive impact on the Company Culture;

3.  Leaders will emerge and be recognized; and,

4.  The trust between management and the team will be strengthened.

Empowerment as evidenced by self determination is a critical element in the development of a robust Company Culture.

But, hey, what the Hell do I know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.