Xi Jinping: “Let’s Go, Brandon!”

Last night POTUS Joe Biden and President-for-Life Xi Jinping had a pre-holiday call to chat about their Thanksgiving and Christmas plans and China’s strategy to take over the world and to dominate the United States.

In the lead up to the Zoom chat, President Joe Biden was asked if he was looking forward to visiting with his old pal, Xi.

Joe bristled saying he and Xi Jinping, President-for-Life, were purely business. They were not “old friends.” Huh?

During the campaign then Candidate Joe Biden had bragged that he and Xi were great amigos who had traveled 17,000 miles together, but now Joe says they’re not “old friends?”

A Chinese government financial entity did invest $1,500,000,000 with No 1 Son, Hunter Biden, when Joe came calling last time on Air Force Two, so Joe is understandably a little sensitive about being in the pocket of the Chinese. Understandable, very understandable. Sensitive.

“Ten percent for the Big Guy, Xi?”

Biden felt so adamantly about it that he trotted out Jen Psaki to tell the press they were NOT old friends.

“Sure China owns Hunter Biden, but Joe is his own man. He and Xi are barely acquaintances. No Christmas card exchange. Purely business. I give you my world on that. Look into my lying eyes.”

So, what does Xi Jinping, President-for-Life do during their chat last night?

He opens the call by addressing Joe Biden — through an interpreter, of course — as his “old friend.”

The old rascal, Xi Jinping, has a sense of humor, no?

VP Joe Biden picks up Xi Jinping, President-for-Life, at Andrews Air Base at start of official visit, cause that’s what old pals do.