Who is Running Things in Washington and at the IRS? NOBODY?

Big Red Car and betraying a bit of IRS fatigue.  The big question is really — who is running things in Washington, the District of Columbia and over at the Internal Revenue Service?

The answer, Old Sport, is NOBODY!

First, I will spare you all the real and imagined outrage at the notion that our government and its departments are making war on folks for ideological and political reasons.  Up.  Chuck.

WTF, Big Red Car?

Really, the freakin’s IRS is goofing with people just because they want — SMALLER GOVERNMENT?  Really?

The President is not in charge or is he?

Apparently the President of the United States depends on the news media for his information.  Makes sense, OK, since they elected him?  [Low blow, Big Red Car, clean it up.]

Sure, the Secretary of the Treasury reports to the President and the IRS reports to the Secretary of the Treasury but apparently the President depends on the new media for his news.

Hey, Mr President, wake up.  You are the leader of the free world and the head of the Executive Branch of the government of the United States.

Next time you have a Cabinet meeting, ask the Secretary of the Treasury — “Hey, are you jackoffs persecuting any citizens or any other bad acts which serve to undermine that Constitution of ours?  Anything at all?  I can handle it, tell me now and don’t make me have to hear about it on Fox News.  You feel me on this?”

Take charge, Mr President.  Please.

The IRS Commissioner is not interested in scandals

The former IRS Commissioner says that he did feel like “scrutiny” was part of his job because he was a political appointee.  Read about it here.  “Former IRS Commissioner says scrutiny was not his job as a political appointee.”

Wrong answer, political appointee.

Your job is to oversee everything that happens or fails to happen at the Internal Revenue Service.  Let’s whip out the job description and make sure that’s what it says.

When people take the Fifth

There are folks who routinely take the Fifth — exercising their right to avoid self incrimination by refusing to answer questions put to them by Congress in its legitimate oversight role of the Executive Branch.

Mostly these folks are from organizations like the MAFIA, not government workers whose paychecks are being funded by the same Americans who they are apparently persecuting.

Steady, Big Red Car.  Don’t get overheated on this.

Yes, the head of the particular section which has admittedly engaged in political targeting — targeting the President’s detractors and critics — is going to refuse to testify truthfully before the Congress.

Wrap your brain about that notion.  Ouch, that pinches a bit.  Hurts, really.

This woman is also the IRS’s point person on the implementation of Obamacare — that wildly popular and successful health care program which will be administered by the IRS.

“Would you please turn your head to the right and cough.  This is the IRS and we are here to help you Tea Partiers.  Oh, yes, we are.”

A suggestion

Hey, Mr President, get control of the government and run the damn thing like it is an organized religion.

Take charge.  Put people in charge.  Hold them accountable.  Start serving the American people.

But, hey, what the Hell do I know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.