Veterans Day, A New Beginning

Veterans Day after Election Day feels a little different to me. The Boss is a veteran as were both of his parents. ┬áHe is a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute — a hard place to be but a good place to be from.

VMI cadets

Every veteran in America is in a better position today than they were on Monday. We have a chance that the Veterans Administration will get sorted out and that we will have a Commander-in-Chief who will actually respect and act on behalf of veterans other than on Veterans Day.

I should have a lot more to say but that about summarizes it.

Our country was created at the point of a bloody bayonet. Our freedom was not granted to us; we took it. That’s who we are and who we will always be. Our country has been free since then because men and women have been willing to go in harm’s way to protect that freedom. The Boss did his part.

Road building in the mountains

The Boss as a young lieutenant in the mountains of South Korea overlooking North Korea in the early 1970s. That’s North Korea in the background. His combat engineer unit was building a road to the top of a mountain to then construct an artillery firing position to be used by 2nd Infantry Division guns to blast into North Korea in the event of a war. He was 23 years old and was fifty miles from the rest of the battalion and was commanding 186 men and lots of equipment. Those radios could reach the battalion HQ. He designed and built the road and then used explosives to level the top.

George Orwell got it right:

People Sleep Peacefully in Their Beds at Night Only Because Rough Men Stand Ready to Do Violence on Their Behalf

God bless our veterans. God bless our country. God bless President Trump.

Now, let’s fix the damn VA.

Dad in the Army0001

The Boss’s Old Man three weeks before the start of WWII on maneuvers. He would spend the war fighting in North Africa and Italy (received a battlefield commission) before retiring from the Army as a Command Sergeant Major. The toughest son of a bitch on the planet who lived to be 97 years old.

But, hey, what do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car.cropped-LTFD-illust_300.png

6 thoughts on “Veterans Day, A New Beginning

  1. Miss reading your perspective on avc. You add a lot of value there, and I for one would not have found your blog here without your comments there. Hope you come back!

    • Rob – I feel the same way. I really appreciate the reasoned perspective – that is based on practical experience and facts – not emotional and pc. I hope both of you have a great weekend and thanksgiving day week.

      • .
        Thanks, Dan.

        I’ve been in NYC for a week or so and went over to Trump Tower to witness the “riots.” I’ve had more energetic events in my backyard. The news doesn’t quite catch the reality of such things.

        I was in Central Park and a “riot” of protesters marched by shouting — in perfect cadence — “Hey, hey, ho, ho — Donald Trump has got to go.”

        They looked to be in their teens and I doubt all of them had felt the sting of a razor yet. Old enough to vote? I think not.

        I have always enjoyed AVC but mostly for the commentary. It is clear that its founder wants a fan club rather than a community. I completely agree with his right to do just that.

        The mark of a gentleman is that he makes others feel comfortable in his presence and thin skinned liberals will have a tough time finding that comfort for a few months given the outcome of the election. I do not intend to add to that discomfort.

        I am certain we are entering one of the most interesting periods of time in the history of the country and I am, frankly, flabbergasted that nobody saw this coming when you consider the 2014 mid-terms. This was the same anger.

        Stay in touch and let’s hope that DJT is a great President not for our own purposes but for our countrymen who are struggling.

        Good wishes to all and happy holidays!


        • “The mark of a gentleman is that he makes others feel comfortable in his presence”

          Love that – words to live by.

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