Trump, The Election, Some Thoughts

Trump. President-elect Trump.

The election is over. Long live the election. Now, the winner gets down to the serious business of forming a government and beginning to convert campaign promises into plans and policies and then laws. Then, they have to govern and react to the world at large.

Already, President-elect Trump has met with the leader of the Senate and the Speaker of the House. He has met with the President.

When you know how to build 100-story skyscrapers, you learn to make timely and critical decisions.

The President-elect has enunciated a plan for his first hundred days. You can see it here: THE FIRST HUNDRED DAYS <<< hyperlink, click on it

Trump won the Rust Belt — West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan — something that hasn’t been done by a Republican in almost half a century.

Trump won 46% of all women. If you take out of the universe of women those who were never going to vote for him and graded him versus the remaining gross potential, he did pretty damn good, thereby proving the pundits to be wrong, big league.

Trump won 29% of Hispanics.

Other than New York, California, Oregon, Washington — Trump was close enough he could have won anywhere. His campaign knew this and the media missed it.

Trump won 8% of black citizens while Romney won 6%. This is one area in which it will be interesting to follow his growth. There is no reason why he can’t get this level of support up to 40%.

The NYSE futures dipped almost a thousand points on election night. Now, it’s rebounded and has hit a record high. So much for the Trump Recession, no?

The pundits, the pollsters, the MSM, the elites got it all wrong. They were totally and absolutely wrong. Not one of them caught a whiff of Trump’s Rust Belt strength. None of them.

Trump made the #NeverTrump crowd eat crow. Ben Sasse, Lindsey Graham, the Bush clan (George HW Bush, Barbara Bush, George W Bush, Jeb Bush), Mitt Romney, Jeff Flake — all wrong and all no longer Republicans. They betrayed their party, the people, and worked actively to elect Hillary Clinton. Boy, it’s going to be delicious to see what happens when they stand for re-election.

I guess Gen Colin Powell can now safely change his voter registration to Democrat.

A lot of celebrities promised to move to Canada or somewhere else. Can I help in any way?

The third party candidates were a meaningful consideration and appear to have taken their votes from the Democrat candidate. There will be a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth on this subject.

It is fair to say that only California, Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington are still safe Blue States (Democrat). Fifteen states including the DC. That is an enormous switch. Wow!

President Obama said in 2014, “My policies are on the ballot.” The Dems got creamed, repudiating President Obama in the process.

President Obama said in 2016, “Electing Donald Trump would be a repudiation of my presidency.” It was repudiated and, likely, Obamacare will be repealed. So much for the Obama legacy.

The Dems were concerned that a defeated Donald J Trump would not accept the outcome of the election. The “Love Trumps Hate” Dems are the ones conducting riots in the streets in about a dozen cities. Very classy.

This was an election in which the common man roared. It is now time for President-elect Trump to deliver on those promises. I’m feeling pretty good about that.

Stay tuned. This is going to get interesting.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Be well.cropped-LTFD-illust_300.png


27 thoughts on “Trump, The Election, Some Thoughts

  1. Perhaps the most surprising part of the election cycle was how surprised “everyone” was of the outcome. It’s actually a nice litmus test on the MSM… if they reported objectively and covered more [of the country’s Common Man’s] opinions, NYT wouldn’t be calling this an “upset.” It would be called “expected.”

    Of course, prophets like yourself, Coulter, and even freelance journalists are reminding us about the Rust Belt, Middle America, and generally that group of 300mm folks who don’t live in the Valley or NYC.

    The boldest promise (IMO) in his 100 day plan, is the term limits restriction. That likely won’t be popular on either side, and will again shake up politics (forever) by returning us to Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

    What is unclear to me, is whether the #NeverTrump haters and liberals will give credit where it’s due, if/when Trump does follow through on his promises, and makes live better for all Americans, vs just the 50%+ who voted for him.

  2. Trump ran a good race and deserved to win, but I’m afraid this victory for his supporters will eventually turn to dust in their (your) mouths. We know thanks to wikileaks that Team Clinton liked the idea of Trump winning the Republican nomination as a “Pied Piper Candidate”. Many D’s will feel that this was a mistake, in retrospect. Certainly it was a tactical mistake for HRC. In the long run, though, I think Trump will prove to have been a tremendous Pied Piper for conservatives.

    Trump won because he excited a marginally better turnout than Romney amongst the conservative base, and won a sliver of independents and independently-minded partisans. For example, DT’s margin over HRC in Michigan, the poster Rust Belt state, was 11,837 votes (according to Google). Gary Johnson won 173,021 in that state, and Jill Stein won 50,686. HRC won the popular vote nationwide with a margin just shy of 400,000 (again according to Google). What this looks like to me is DT having played a very good game, winning fair and square by the rules, but also benefiting from a massive drop in participation by principled lefties who, even holding their noses, could not stand to vote for HRC; and also benefiting from defections — surprising defections of Dems who voted for not just Jill Stein but also Gary Johnson. This was a unique election that could not have happened but for the uniquely flawed candidacy of HRC, coming off 8 years of a polarizing Democratic president.

    In the longer run (and not even that long) demographics do not favor the Republicans. Trump has absolutely ruined the Republican party, and conservative principles, for the majority of college-educated people, brown people, and to a lesser degree women. Trump hit a vein with conservative whites, apolitical blacks and Latinos, and evangelical Christians. But this may be the last election in which that coalition can win, even with a very sophisticated strategy building Electoral College majority.

    I am genuinely afraid that this could get very nasty next time around. 2016 was civil. But you know that there are some sore losers out there.

    • .
      President Trump won the Rust Belt, something that nobody even considered possible. Think about that for a second. He knew he had a shot there and his travel schedule at the end of the campaign reflected this confidence.

      The next election will be determined not by demographics but by President Trump’s performance in the Oval Office. You are overlooking that reality.

      Trump tapped into the anger from 2014 which powered the Republican sweep. Giving them the Senate and a larger majority in the House together with Governor’s mansions and legislatures.

      In 2016, Trump added the White House. It’s been a pretty good couple of elections for the Republicans and I don’t think they have much to worry about in the short term other than governing.

      There is no Obama legacy. None. Worst. President. Ever.

      There is nothing to build on in the HRC candicacy. Worst. Candidate. Ever.

      Here is what all the experts had to say:

      Is that funny or what? Those pompous, arrogant asses knew squat.

      Be well. Trump’s got this one under control. Stay tuned.


      • Yes, that is funny! The lefty tears are delicious. But! I hope that you are a good sport in 4 years. It is going to get ugly.

        There’s a strange phenomenon, an asymmetry in this which is hard to explain. I’ll tip my hand a bit and say I am a Democrat. I worked for Michael Madigan in Illinois (first job out of college in 2002) and have never voted for a Republican for any position higher than local dog catcher. According to gimmicky internet quiz sites, I am slightly left of center. Yet you would think I were Atilla the Hun by the reaction of my peers when I voice opinions that are not part of the Correct Views.

        For example, I grew up in Flyover Country as they call it (except I don’t fly over it, I actually land there regularly). Thus I have some experience with guns, and I don’t find it scary to think about my neighbors being armed. I also think taxes are a necessary evil and should not be higher than they have to be to fulfill the basic government responsibilities (public safety, education, caring for those who cannot care for themselves). That parenthetical, by the way, is from my old boss on Madigan’s staff, and we analyzed any controversial new initiative in that light.

        When I lived in Springfield, IL, we liked to visit the local watering holes. And I found that the best places were often the Republican hangouts. I never felt unwelcome there, although I was not on their team. There was a lot of good-spirited ribbing, but no hurt feelings. But there are some fragile people on my side of the aisle. Try talking up Trump in a group of college students — you will not get invited back. Do this publicly on Twitter and they will block you. What is this fragile attitude about? I have not yet figured that out.

        • .
          We have lost the ability to engage in debate. It is, frankly, a slur on our masculinity — the ability to disagree without being disagreeable on both sides of such a conversation.

          In addition, we have lost our ability to lose (win) with grace and equanimity.

          There is a tendency to exert whatever power one can to create an outcome which is attained by unfair means rather than hard, fair competition.

          Nobody owns all the good ideas. When ideas wrestle, better ideas are created.

          Politics should not be a struggle for power; it should be a quest for service to our citizens.


    • .
      Small point but let’s let President Trump be inaugurated before we start cataloging his numerous, manifest failings. Seems fair, no?

      Also, let’s actually wait until President Trump says something rather than using the bleating of an ass clown to suggest that these are policy insights. You will note that this jackanapes quotes “Congressional” sources rather than President Trump himself. Small point.

      I wonder, in the absence of having even picked a Cabinet, with whom they are chatting? Don’t you have to have someone on the other side to have a conversation? Small point, I agree.

      Donald Trump, bad. Hillary Clinton, good. Donald Trump, President. There is that, no?

      It’s going to be fine.

      There may even be a few promises that fail to materialize. Who knew?

      Got to run, going to the anti-Trump riot downtown. We had a crowd of 28 last night.

      Watch this.


      • Seriously, the man has been the president elect for a few days and the jackasses are coming out to bash him for not competing his promised wall? 3 days? I really must be living in a simulation because for anyone to proclaim something as stupid as this seems utterly impossible. Can’t the guy at least become president 1st?

        Doing my duty to thank a veteran today JLM. Thank you for your service to our country. I respect and honor you greatly!

    • .
      The GOPe in the person of Romney, the Bushes, Kasich, Graham, Sasse, Flake, Powell — were made to look like fools

      They almost threw the election to HRC but DJT figured out he could steal the Rust Belt and he did.


  3. Have been eager to see your post on the election, As a libertarian Trump is only half of the solution And tossed back and forth between him and 3trd party.
    The protests last night affirmed that I made the right choice to vote Trump
    I did see in him today an eagerness to move forward and leave small grievances behind. There is a moment for every honest leader when you realize you have the job, how big the job is and that now you need to act. You don’t get a leadership roll where things are working well.

    As many a great leader has said the best response is success! Trump seems to know this, His mic drop will be 4% growth, new tax overhaul, immigration bill, returning responsibility to the states and shutting off the taps of crony capitalism.

    • .
      Nailed. It. You.

      Yeah, I think we hit 5-7% growth. He will get that overseas money back and that will set the tone.

      The Trump recession lasted how long? About 7 hours and now the NYSE is at record levels.

      This guy will be good for business.

      He struck the exact right tone in his meeting with Obama. After all the sophomoric antics, a 15 minute meeting extended into a 90 minute meeting.

      Trump was auditioning for the job. Now, he has it. Now, he’s all business.

      First day, meets with the Senate Majority Leader, the Speaker of the House, the President, and Canada announces it wants to sit down to renegotiate NAFTA. Pretty good half day, no?


      • One last item I would like to see is structural reforms to Executive authority so no executive could choose the Pen and Phone path around Congress again. It will be an abstract lesson when the Executive orders and cancelled and the last 8 years vanishes like last months doctoral regime but abstract lessons get lost in time rapidly.

        • .
          The production of law through the process of regular order results in better laws.

          Subcommittee meetings/discussion/votes, committee meetings/discussion/votes, floor debate, amendments, votes — done in public, makes the public understand the proposed laws which provides an education and a chance for public input.

          That is the more difficult but better way to making laws.

          I agree more with you than you do with yourself.


        • IIRC last night Mayor Rudy Giuliani stated that a lot of the executive orders would be overturned by the courts but that the process would take about three years.

          So, in principle we have a process to stop such POTUS overreach now, but the process is too slow, in many cases too slow.

          We’re supposed to have news media that reports POTUS actions that are likely overreach or illegal, and such reports are supposed to be bright sunlight to kill off such infectious nonsense. But, alas, our MSM had other interests.

          As I read the MSM today, that the election is over has not stopped the MSM — they are still distorting, fabricating, lying, and neglecting to report POTUS and DC nonsense. That nonsense is dangerous.

      • Yup. A really good half day! Nice part — Melania was right there!

        The US has been talked into and gotten used to really bad behavior from DC, beating ourselves with a stick. Maybe we did that because it would feel so good when we quit?

        It feels really good to me.

    • > immigration bill,

      Bill? Mostly he just said that he would enforce long standing US laws, policies, and procedures on immigration. Not much new from Trump.

      The “new” stuff was the practice of a POTUS refusing to enforce the laws as required by the Constitution. That should have been impeachable. Maybe it would have been.

      • Yes a new set of processes and procedures on immigration are needed. Trump even laid out a roadmap. Secure boarder, eject criminals that were released into society, create a new path, get value add immigrants on that path in an expedited manner. This country grows from immigration, may parents did and as I grew up we sponsored family and friends from behind the Iron curtain. Two each 6 months while they learned English and got education then jobs.

        Today it takes years and the immigration process is more dysfunctional than communicating over cups and strings.

        • I’m missing what is needed here that is “new”. E.g., borders: We’re supposed to have secure borders. We have, IIRC, 16,000 border patrol agents to guard our borders — they endorsed Trump. We have the Coast Guard. Criminals? We’re supposed to deport any and all illegal immigrants, ones who violated the immigration laws and, of course, any other laws. We have the INS for that. Ike deported a lot

          The origin countries are supposed to take them back, and if they don’t we clamp down on visa and other interactions with them.

          It’s just that in recent years we have had a POTUS who wanted not to enforce the laws. In the Constitution, one of the duties of the POTUS is to enforce the laws, and not doing so should be impeachable.

          We have policies that are flexible, e.g., import from behind the Iron Curtain but maybe not from countries with a lot of radical Islamic terrorism. We can accept or refuse people for any reason or no reason. One policy I would like, all the females look as good as Melania!!! 🙂

  4. I’m really hoping that he comes through and brings some jobs back to the swing states who rallied in support of him. Looks like some folks are already reaching out to re-negotiate some trade deals. Sorry establishment — sometimes getting stuff done is not that difficult. Trump has a good chance to make a real positive difference for this country and he for sure won’t let us be used like rented mules any longer.

    • .
      Not even inaugurated and he’s met with the Leader of the Senate, the Speaker of the House, the President, has gotten the Canadians to agree to re-negotiate NAFTA, has begun to flesh out his Cabinet, has begun work on a new SCOTUS appointee — yeah, this guy is a doer.

      I guess building 100-story skyscrapers teaches you a few things about getting stuff done, no?


      • Yup, and a Japanese leader wants to talk!

        And on foreign policy but not trade, the leader of Egypt was the first to call Trump!

        Netanyahu gets a sit down ASAP!

        Things are moving!

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