US Navy Cultural Narcissism and Recruiting

The US Navy has had a tough time meeting its recruiting goals. Putting that into numbers, it had a FY 2023 goal of adding 37,700 enlisted sailors and is projecting a shortfall of 6,000. They also failed to hit the numbers in FY 2022.

I think the problem is “cultural narcissism.” Read on and learn why.

The work place of the most powerful naval force afloat. Go Navy!

The Navy contends that:

 1. Only 13% of 18-29 year old Americans (the critical recruitment demographic) are “highly willing” to serve in the US military;

 2. Only 25% of the target demo are “somewhat willing;”

 3. 13% “somewhat unwilling;” and,

 3. 26% of the target demo are “unwilling” to serve.

This is not new news amongst the swabbies and other branches as they have been struggling for years to meet recruiting goals. The US Marine Corps — which claims it does not use drag queens in its recruiting efforts — seems to squeak through where the others fail.

Why, Big Red Car?

The big indicator seems to be a wholesale shift in thinking manifested by a dramatic decline in America’s confidence and trust in its military. This is the REAL PROBLEM — the decline in the country’s regard for its military.

In 2018, a survey indicated 70% of Americans had “trust and confidence” in the US military

Same study, fast forward to 2020, the number is 48%.

This is a precipitous decline and is clearly created by short term phenomenon, but, thus, should be reversible.

 1. The single most prevalent cause is attributed to the “politicization” of the military.

 2. Most recruiting professionals also note the lack of physical fitness of American youth.

This is a huge problem — soft youth in the target demographic.

How do you fight back, US Navy?

The US Navy has gone into the marketing racket and has also started a remedial school — fat recruits camp — to deal with the physical fitness angle. This seems to be working, but they are still not hitting their numbers.

Drag Queen Digital Ambassadors

One of the initiatives launched by the US Navy is the use of digital ambassadors including one Harpy Daniels. [Harpy is a known sailor, but this blog post is about US Navy recruiting, not drag queens, so there will be no names or shaming or praising. We shall stick to the sheet music which says “recruiting.”]

Drag Queen Harpy Daniels doing her thing aboard the USS Reagan aircraft carrier.

Clarification: A “drag queen” in this context is a man who entertains audiences whilst clothed and presented as a woman. It does not imply he is either transgender or gay. The performance is often risque and/or profane and is rooted in the traditions of the American burlesque theater of the early 1900s.

What is the solution, Big Red Car?

The solution is to put people in charge, serious people, inspirational/charismatic leaders who can:

 1. Rebuild the prestige of the US military, the guys who won World War II and are the first on the scene when the feathers hit the fan.

 2. Part of that solution is to de-politicize the military. The US military is not a petri dish for social experimentation. Stop all the woke nonsense.

Not a bad idea to get rid of all the woke generals and admirals while you’re at it. I believe I am calling to eliminate about half of the flag officers in the US military. 

 3. Part of that solution is to pay the military more — a lot more; and, to increase the benefit package including the modern GI Bill and ROTC programs.

 4. Recruit all the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines that were kicked out over the vaccine nonsense. Start there.

 5. Invigorate high school Junior ROTC programs which are doing fine in the US South, but are MIA in other parts of the country.

The Bud Light School of Marketing was a failure. Stop relying on fringe, ill-advised social virtue strategies that don’t work. That is cultural narcissism.

Bottom line it, Big Red Car

This is not a difficult problem to reverse, but that is the problem, whatever failed strategies the US Navy and others are using have to be reversed.

I don’t think Harpy Daniels is the solution, but I could be wrong.

Harpy, you go do you, sailor.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car, but I’m a veteran and understand why people want to serve our great Nation. It is a noble undertaking. Let’s put the adults back in charge.