President Trump Accomplishments

Big Red Car here talking President Donald J Trump accomplishments.

Bit gray, Hurricane Harvey coming, but there’s another storm I want to talk to you about.

It seems that it is impossible for President Donald J Trump to get any credit for anything he does. This is not intended to be a defense of anything, but I want to share with you something President Trump has engineered in regard to energy.

Energy is a huge opportunity for the United States. It is also quite strategic from a national defense perspective.

Energy, Big Red Car?

Yes, dear reader, the United States is starting to really smoke on the issue of energy. Two fairly obscure energy developments are worth noting. They pertain to coal and LNG (liquified natural gas). When natural gas is cooled to -250F, it becomes a liquid which reduces itself in volume to 1/6000th of its former size. [Test in the morning, y’all.]

LNG tanker on Lake Travis, Texas.

Energy can be very strategic when used correctly. In the two examples I will share with you, America’s opponent is Russia. Russia is a heavy handed supplier of coal and natural gas.

This is particularly true when the buyers are countries like the Ukraine and Lithuania, both of whom are trying to lean west if we let them.

Personal trade and national security diplomacy

President Donald J Trump always has business on his mind and he is constantly watching the Russian Bear (when he’s not colluding with them to get elected, haha, sorry).

In June, President Trump met with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. The Ukraine was being hammered by Russia who has occupied the Ukrainian coal producing region of Donbass. [You know there is a shooting war going on over there, right?]

In July, President Trump went to Poland and gave a speech in which he said the European nations were being held hostage to Russian pipelines as a sole source of natural gas. Obviously, that has a very unfavorable impact on Europe if the Russians were to turn off the tap.

Hey, Big Red Car, Vladimir Putin would never do something that mean, would he?

Real deals, real accomplishments — Trump accomplishments

The Ukrainian national power company, Centrenergo, has been struggling to deal with the Russian occupation of Donbass. This is a big problem.

Solution: XCoal Energy of Latrobe, Pennsylvania cuts a deal to supply 700,000 tons of Pennsylvania coal to Ukraine. It will be shipped almost 6,000 miles from Philadelphia to Odessa, Ukraine. Big win: they get a US export license lickety split.

This is the first such export to Ukraine of Pennsylvania coal in history.

This is the Trump Trade benefit. Opening new markets for US products such as coal. You will also recall that the Obama administration was making war against coal. This coal, of course, will have no impact on the US other than creating jobs and wealth.

Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands have been held hostage to Russian natural gas. Many of them have contracts with Russian firm Gasprom which makes them vulnerable in time of war to having the tap turned off. What were they thinking?

Solution: The US is now supplying LNG out of the LNG export terminal at Sabine Pass at the edge of Louisiana and Texas. Almost 200 cargoes have been sent in that direction with Lithuania — this week — receiving its first such shipment. Big win: get permits and expansion authority.

This robust LNG export opportunity has triggered massive expansion in the LNG export terminal — a 5X growth.

What does this mean, Big Red Car?

What this means is the following:

 1. When President Trump meets foreign leaders, he is talking trade and national security. He gets stuff done.

 2. President Trump said he would spur growth in the coal and energy industries. Promise made. Promise kept.

These were the jobs which were “never coming back.” Hey, they’re back! And, it’s just beginning.

 3. This means JOBS, growth, and an increase in GDP. This is why we will get to 4-5% GDP growth.

 4. The national security implications are enormous. This takes the vulnerability of the European countries and diminishes it while taking the money out of the pocket of Russia. Double whammy.

This is real, Trump accomplishments

Hey, y’all. This is real. This is a Trump administration accomplishment. Give the man his credit.

OK, now you can go back to questioning his sanity, calling him an anti-Semite, Nazi, racist.

Real stuff. Real accomplishments.

If you are in the coal fields of Pennsylvania — how do you feel?

If you are working construction at Savine Pass LNG Terminal — how do you feel?

You feel GOOD. Who made that happen? Yeah, you know.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car.


5 thoughts on “President Trump Accomplishments

  1. Wait! Stop the presses! This just in!

    For hurricane Harvey, apparently Trump has been “on the case” minute by minute. So, he was with FEMA, DHS, HUD, the elected officials of Texas, etc. with simple message: Whatever you need, you’ve got it. E.g., Dr. Carson at HUD is already ready for lots of aid in rebuilding.

  2. Wait! Hold the presses! This just in!

    U.S. Military: North Korean Missiles ‘Failed in Flight,’ One Blew Up ‘Almost Immediately’

    Ah, fireworks can be dangerous, and when children play with fireworks, they can get their fingers hurt!

    Yup, rockets are also dangerous, and in Ping Pong Song Pong Dung Dong Jong land those rocket thingys can explode at any time! Having a lot of US military not far away might have something to do with it!

    Let’s see for a short course on the North Korean language: We have monosyllables. The first letter is one of the 13 letters B, C, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, P, S, T. And the last three letters are one of ong, ung, ing. So, that gives a total vocabulary of just 13 times 3 = 39 words. Hmm ….

  3. Right, if Trump cured cancer, he’d get accused of wanting to put the oncologists out of work and had originally invented cancer so that he could get credit for curing it.

    It looks like a civil war. It’s bitter, not really peaceful, only mostly peaceful, and nothing like anything I’ve seen in the US before.

    So, why, what the heck is going on? Well, there’s long time newsie Sharyl Attkisson. Apparently as a newsie, she’s one of the best and, in addition, better than that, actually pretty good!

    If do a Google search on her, then discover that she’s a fighter, generally up on her hind legs about some outrage or other; outrage is something of a constant with her with the only changing thing just what she is outraged about, and maybe not all of that really deserves outrage.

    And from such a Google search, can get from her an explaination:
    So, there is NYC. Lots of news media has their HQ in NYC, e.g., NYT, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC. Sure, CNN, last I heard, is in Atlanta, but maybe they are also in NYC. I said NYC but really the location is just Manhattan, and that’s not very big.

    So, the story goes, the news bosses are in NYC, are sociable types, like to go to the high end NYC parties, like to fit in socially, and like to get along with the main politics of Manhattan high society! Well, that society is Democrat, 100% dyed in the wool, Democrat, really left wing Democrat, to be more accurate left, leftist, socialist, and not so long ago often outright Communist.

    For the heads of the news divisions, we’re talking just a few people. Then those few people all agree: Obama was terrific. Then it was Hillary’s turn. Hillary should have won. ObamaCare is fine as far as it goes, but it was supposed to continue on to single payer. The only problem with ObamaCare is that it’s not yet single payer. Trump? Their attitude toward Trump could not be worse: He’s not a Communist — they’d prefer a Communist to Trump. He’s not even a socialist; at the very least any US POTUS should be a socialist. And, worst of all, he’s not a Democrat, not even a Liberal or Independent. Instead he’s, outrage, actually a Republican!!!!! Besides, Trump is brash, pushes his own views, fires up his supporters, is a quick study, fast thinker, decides and gets stuff done quickly. He’s not much interested in socialism. Trump should never have been elected; that he was was a mistake, an anomaly; again, it was Hillary’s turn. So, Trump is the enemy.

    What he does now doesn’t matter because he’s the enemy.

    So, the role for the Manhattan news high society and the few people running the news at NYT, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, and more, is to come together and drive Trump from office ASAP before his 4 year term is up. So, it’s war. So, each news story, show, broadcast should concentrate on making the public really unhappy with Trump, should be a 24 x 7, gang-up, pile-on attack with outrageous accusations, distortions, omissions, lies, etc., basically Goebbels style (“Repeat a lie often enough and people will believe it, and eventually you will believe it.”), IIRC, propaganda. Turn Trump’s approval ratings to the single digits. Then come up with, cook up, stir up, make up, fake up something and impeach him for that.

    Then the US can return to the Democrats, Manhattan high society socialism, Hillary, Nancy, Chucky, single payer, open borders, globalism, no tolerance for any religion but Islam, full political correctness and safety for all snowflakes, big war on carbon in the US and around the world, big subsidies for wind/solar energy, big anxiety over humans causing massive climate change, Hollywood and California dream land, etc. Then, for the flyover states, they will just have to come along.

    The main Sharyl Attkisson part was just noticing that all the above anti-Trump stuff is really from just a few, fewer than 10, people.

    So, net, the whole anti-Trump war is from just fewer than 10 people in Manhattan.

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