The Chinese Invasion of the United States 2023 Is Underway Now

No person with a brain believes the open US – Mexico border and the record levels of illegal immigration are not an attraction to those who desire to harm the United States.

A cohort of young Chinese men of military age apprehended at the US – Mexico border whilst seeking “asylum” in the United States

Let’s play “Chinese checkers”

The Chinese are not our friends and there is a high probability the US and China may tangle militarily at some future date.

In the past three years of the Biden admin, Chinese have crossed our southern border in the following numbers:

FY 2021: 323 (US gov’t FY ends on 30 September)

2022: 1,970

2023: 24,048 (an American infantry division of four brigades is about 15,000 men and is a deadly assemblage of military might)

Check those Chinese numbers out, dear reader.

Ahh, come on, Big Red Car WTF; paranoid much?

WTF? Here’s WTF, amigo.

In the latest numbers — the 24,048 — a great number of those apprehended by the Customs and Border Patrol — more than 50% — are military age young men arriving in cohorts, organized cohorts.

Look carefully at this picture of an actual cohort of young Chinese men of military age apprehended at the US border. This is the real threat.

How’s that for WTF, amigo?

Wow, Big Red Car, that’s scary

Yes, amigo, that is scary. One thing we know is that the number apprehended is far lower than the actual number because of the phenomenon of “get aways” — those infiltrators who are not apprehended.

How do they get here, Big Red Car?

Yes, dear reader, China is a long way from the US southern border, but the Chinese can fly direct to Ecuador — no visa required — and then trek north with transportation provided by the cartels.

We do not really have a national border with Mexico; it is with the cartels.

What can we do, Big Red Car?

We can elect a government that will secure our southern border and respond in an adult manner to the real threat of a burgeoning Chinese Fifth Column within out borders.

This is consistent with other Chinese efforts such as the Confucius Institutes. Read about the Confucius Institutes here:

Confucius Say — “Keep An Eye On China, Amigo”

This is all part of an organized initiative to kneecap the United States.

Bottom line it, Big Red Car

The Chinese are not our friends. The Biden admin has left us with a open, bleeding, pus-filled, stinking sore of a Southern border and the Chinese are flooding across — Chinese military age men organized into cohorts.

Wake up, America.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car.

Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy Hanukah!