The Big Red Car is Exhausted by the Primaries

Big Red Car here fresh off watching Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Donald Trump pandering to the veterans. [Full disclosure, The Boss is a veteran and a graduate of Virginia Military Institute, the son of two veterans.]

Nice day — Hell, great day — here in the ATX. So good I almost don’t want to tell you about it. It is 53F headed to 75F this afternoon. Sunscreen, y’all. Sunscreen.

So, the Big Red Car is just worn out by all the bullshit associated with the primaries and the Iowa primary on Monday can’t get here quick enough.

Today, the Big Red Car is going to be on a rant about being exhausted by the primaries. Sorry.

Turn flames on NOW!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Boring. Boring. Boring. I didn’t learn a damn thing.

Everyone played true to form and we got to see why nothing ever gets accomplished in the Senate watching Senators Cruz, Paul, and Rubio (alphabetical order, y’all) debate the minutia of belly button lint.

I wish the moderators would just ask policy questions and stop with all the “gotcha” nonsense. I like the bimbo aura of Megyn Kelly moreso than her journalistic chops. She’s a very attractive bimbo. Just sit there and smile already.

I am so glad the debates are over. I am exhausted.

Jeb Bush and the GOPe

Jeb Bush is over and done with. Please just go away. Now. On Monday, when he comes in 16th in Iowa, the truth will be known. He’s just not the guy.

The GOPe needs to clean up the detritus — the flotsam, the jetsam, the detritus, the scree, the offal, the garbage — and go home. Their boy didn’t rise to the occasion and won’t. It’s over.

No amount of Super PAC $$$$$$$ is going to perfume that turd. Sorry. Put your checkbooks away and go roll some widows and orphans.

Donald Trump and pandering to veterans

Let’s get this out there and let it stink: Donald Trump was a Viet Nam War Era draft dodger par excellence.

His delicate little tootsies suffered from bone spurs. And, as you well know, one can’t be expected to soldier on bone spurs. Particularly when you have delicate feet and sensibilities.

Can we just get some honest to God veterans to run for high office?

I am so sick and tired of faux tough guys who want to rebuild the military who when they had their chance were too damn delicate to serve or were otherwise engaged in law school or divinity school. Sheesh!


I am sick and tired of biased, personal agenda driven journalists posing as “fair and balanced” journalists. Y’all are shitheads who are preening and self-aggrandizing at record levels. Give it a rest already.

Hey, Megyn Kelly, you realize you got the Fox job because you’re a hot blonde, right? You knew that, right? If that makes you a bimbo — which the GQ spread left no doubt about, sugar — then deal with it.

I don’t know about you but this picture screams out, “SERIOUS JOURNALIST!” Hey, I love it but I don’t quite embrace the serious journalist moniker. Could just be me.

Donald Trump has made you as much as you made him. Send him a Valentine’s Day card and make peace. It’s been great for both of y’all.

But, you’re still a bimbo and that’s not a bad thing. It just means you’re doing the best you can with what you’ve got. No harm, no foul.

Debates without Trump

I am glad that Donald Trump walked on the last Republican debate not because I care a whit about Trump but because, finally, someone had the cojones to call out the media.

When the chips were down, Roger Ailes and Fox News and Bill O’Reilly were begging Trump to return because they realized, “Ohoh, we gotta sell some stinkin’ advertising, Lucy. How we gonna do that with no Trump?”

And, O’Reilly, sheesh! You are pathetic begging the guy and calling in a freakin’ milkshake chit? Really?

Get a hotel room, O’Reilly.

So, there you have it. Flames out NOW! Sorry.

Oh, yeah, Trump wins Iowa and Cruz comes in second and they go to New Hampshire with Trump riding the Big Mo!

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m a Big Red Car.



7 thoughts on “The Big Red Car is Exhausted by the Primaries

  1. Megyn? She’s good at it. She went to law school — so at education she was good at it. She kept her face, hair, and figure looking good — she was good at it. Getting a husband, having kids — good at it. Rising to a big deal at Fox? Good at it. Posing as a GQ bimbo — same. Having Vogue fix up her face and their photographer make her look a little like they make Taylor Swift look — same.

    So, she’s good at it.

    But we give journalists special legal protection so that they can provide significant, objective, unbiased information we need to be good voting citizens in our democracy, and she’s not so good at it, it’s not what she’s doing at Fox.

    As good as she is, and she’s good at doing it, she’s lacking judgment about what to do and at being a journalist in the main ways we need.

    So, she’s helping Rupert Murdoch and his “open borders” buddies run US trade and immigration policy, destroy the jobs of much of the US middle class, and recreate slavery or at least a version of indentured servitude and a distinct, identifiable lower laboring class caste while pushing US citizens out of their jobs and into our 25% unemployment rate. Murdoch apparently wants the US, and I don’t know about Australia, to be 99% slaves and 1% slave drivers — no thanks.

    And, in effect, Murdoch has much of this goal in common with Obama: Murdoch and Co. want the slaves to work but not vote, and Obama and the socialists want the slaves to vote but not work. So, Murdoch, each for their own, and conflicting reasons, want open borders.

    And Megyn is devoting most of her life to pushing this sabotage of the US. E.g., as a journalist, she doesn’t report this sabotage. About her career, no judgment.

    If she fired her nannies, and I have to assume that she does have some, and one of her babies cried, then her judgment would tell her what the heck to do, and she’d do it 20+ hours a day until her baby was happy again. For being a mommy, she would have terrific judgment. And for cleaning the house and setting the dinner table. And likely she’d have good judgment if her husband came home sick, injured, exhausted, or discouraged.

    Net, for good judgment, in her career? Nope. In the ways traditional for a woman, wife, and mother? Yup, no doubt.

    Lesson: She should go home and be a full time wife and mother and do work where her judgment is good and where she can make a good contribution.

    Or, Mother Nature has designed her very well for being really good as a wife and mother but not well for providing significant, objective, unbiased information our democracy needs. So, she should do what the heck she is designed for and, really, best at. She wants power? Okay, “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”

  2. Bimbo, not sure she is a Albany law school grad just like Gov. Cuomo. Ok that’s a weak argument. She has to have some smarts because she has the smallest bra size at Fox.

    • .
      There is nothing wrong with being a bimbette and it is not mutually exclusive with being good at something else also.

      She is, in fact, an Albany Law grad and was, apparently, a very good lawyer with a couple of excellent books to her credit.

      She is capable of being anything she wants to be. Filled to overflowing with talent but, perhaps, a few flaws have crept in. Who doesn’t have a few flaws?

      In the case of GC magazine, she wanted to be and is a bimbo. The pictures speak volumes.

      As to her bra size, that is a micro-aggression making the Big Red Car retreat to his safe place which is a bar in East Austin. Who would have thunk it?


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