Tax, Tax, Tax and Spend — the President and the Tesla Liberals

Big Red Car here. Oh, boy, the State of the Union speech tonight! Hot dog!

Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution of the United States requires the President to annually report to Congress the “state of the union.”

In the original form, it was typically provided by means of a written report. Today, it is always an annual speech given by the President to a joint session of Congress — House of Representatives and the Senate.

High drama for President Obama

The House and Senate are today controlled by the Republicans while our President self identifies as a Democrat [joke, y’all — lighten up].

The State of the Union speech has become an opportunity for the President to take a victory lap (deserved or otherwise, he gets to write the speech), to outline new legislative initiatives, to scold America [Y’all eating your peas?] and to stick a thumb in the eye of his political opponents. It has devolved into theater and not very serious theater at that.

Nothing suggested by the President as a new legislative agenda will, in fact, receive any real consideration. State of the Union Speeches are flights of fancy. They should be given in a morgue as they are dead on arrival. They should provide marijuana cigarettes to the Congress an hour before the President arrives. The entire affair is akin to a hot tub filled with naked drunk or stoned people discussing unicorns while clapping like, well, stoned hot tub splashers.

This year, it will be particularly so as the new Congress — seated on the wings of a massive Republican barbed wire enema at the polls in November — is controlled by folks who are not likely to support almost anything sketched out by the President. The Republicans will be looking dour and disapproving, something they have mastered.

What is interesting about State of the Union speeches is the insight they provide into the governing philosophy of our Presidents. It is a view into his soul. It is like eavesdropping on his email or Valerie’s anyway.

Tax, tax, tax, tax, spend, spend, spend

The President has leaked the content of his speech hoping to gain a ground swell of media support. The lap dog media is sitting on its hind quarters, paws extended, tails wagging, tongues waving and slobbering to roll over and perform for the President. They are so cute when they’re licking his hand.

Because of this, there is likely nothing to be laid out in the President’s speech which is not currently known or being dutifully reported by the lap dog media. “Good dog, here is a treat! Good dog!”

What will be in the speech is a call for higher taxes — surprise, surprise, surprise.

Oh, yes, and higher spending notwithstanding we are still, as a nation, broke and enduring a massive spending hangover. We should have long since been subjected to an intervention and a trip to rehab, handcuffs optional. [This is the part about the insight into the President’s soul. He loves taxes and he adores spending and he doesn’t even think about the deficit.]

There is even some humor at work here. The new capital gains rate — formerly 15% and now increased to 20% plus a 3.8% Obamacare surcharge — is not even in use yet and the President already wants to increase it to 28%. The President seeks to increase taxes before his prior increases have even taken effect. You have to love that earnest passion and desire to raise taxes.

Big Red Car will go out on a limb here and suggest that the President should at least let his last tax increase age and season a bit before asking for even more. One tax year at least?

Others may not agree and nobody should not attempt to do something like this at home.

Of course, this is all being done in the face of RECORD Federal tax receipts and projections which show $600,000,000,000 — six hundred billion dollars — annual deficits until the end of time.

Missed opportunities

What you will not hear in the President’s speech will be any notion of entitlement reform — remember entitlement reform? It was the trade bait trolled before the American people and the Democrat controlled Senate to balance the “revenue enhancements” (tax increases) which did actually become law. They forgot to circle back and make any reform to entitlements and then they went on vacation. It is tiring and stressful to raise taxes.

The entire entitlement reform notion — quaint notion, really — is MIA. You will not hear anything about it tonight.

You will hear nothing about deficit reduction and the President will not propose any spending controls — remember we have RECORD Federal tax receipts, so it’s a spending problem not a revenue problem — to control that massive and greedy deficit. No the President will not speak of that.

Bipartisan cooperation

The recent November 2014 elections — the greatest repudiation of a regime for a hundred years which did not entail tanks in the public square — will not be mentioned though the President did make some clucking noises about bipartisan cooperation which in his mind means the Republicans have his permission to continue doing whatever he wants them to do. They can also come round the White House from time to time and get an ass chewing if they promise not to steal the china or silver.

If they don’t do his bidding then he has that pen and his phone and will simply ignore them and make his own laws — making the Congress irrelevant in the legislative process? That, my friend, is the truest bipartisan cooperation imaginable.

The Republicans, to their discredit, have been very cooperative in increasing the limit on the White House’s titanium credit card while pretending to be fiscally conservative and restrained. Not so as demonstrated in recent budget actions which funded every single Obama initiative while looking stern and handsome in their blue suits.

The President hasn’t bothered to confuse anyone as to his real intentions promising to veto legislation even before it is drafted, debated, voted on and dropped on his desk. There is nothing that screams “I want to cooperate with y’all” like a veto threat. Veto threats are the basis of all sound bipartisan cooperation. [Maybe I’ve got that wrong? Sayeth the Big Red Car.]

Those who would say that the recent elections — a referendum on the President’s policies in the words of, well, the President himself — call for a pivot or an inflection point are radicals whose interest in a balanced budget, spending control, deficit reduction and simple fiscal restraint that must be exercised by every American governor are just that, RADICALS.

Yes, to be a radical in America today, you have only to call for the Feds to act within the same guidelines that any sitting state governor must adhere to. That is radical thought and will not be tolerated.


So, tonight, get some popcorn — that guy Orville Redenbacker makes some nice popcorn — and an Arnold Palmer and watch the theater.

The President will tell you how great the recovery is, how many jobs he’s created, how wonderful his regime has performed and what great things he has in mind. Unfortunately, none of it is true. None of it will happen.

We will wake on Wednesday with a troubled and weak economy, an anemic recovery, the lowest labor force participation rate since George Washington’s second term [OK, that’s an exaggeration as they didn’t track labor force participation when we had a real President.],  a foreign policy in shambles, terrorists at large in the world and a dysfunctional and incompetent government [Congress, the Big Red Car is talking about y’all here also. Both you Republicans and you Democrats, so don’t be beaming on high beam.]

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Go light on the salt on the popcorn, remember what the doctor said. And, enjoy! You’re paying this guy $400,000 and providing free housing and transportation. Enjoy!

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