Silicon Valley Sexual Debauchery

Silicon Valley, can this be true?

Big Red Car here on a cold, cold morning. The sun is up and getting after it, but it’s still 25F. Brrrrrr!

OK, so somebody directed my attention to this Vanity Fair article. I am not a regular reader of VF and, frankly, I am a smidgen skeptical.

Romans of the Decadence (1847), by Thomas Couture, as updated to parody Silicon Valley’s male-dominated sexual and sexist culture. Photo Illustration by Darrow for Vanity Fair.


This article is disgusting.

Vanity Fair Article Silicon Valley Brotopia

If true, it shows the moral bankruptcy of SV as well as the hopeless hill that women are asked to climb.

Read it and decide if it is true or not.

I am off to take a shower.

Be warm. Be good. But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car, y’all.

6 thoughts on “Silicon Valley Sexual Debauchery

  1. By accident, maybe from a link at Drudge Report, I saw the article yesterday. It’s sensationalistic. Orgies are nothing new, and there’s no chance they will end.

    For the women who go to orgies, they know what they are doing. Past the age of consent, they are free to do that.

    But, eventually the word will go out again, once again, over again, yet again, one more time, as it has for at least hundreds of years, judging by some of the content of the Bible, thousands of years: A woman needs a good marriage with a good husband, and both are tough to come by. For sluts, the chances are vanishingly close to zero.

    With current marriage laws, the chances for sluts just went down by some factors of 10: No way does a good man want to marry what is clearly a big legal risk — affairs, divorce, a mess for the children, big legal fees, alimony, wondering who the real father of his wife’s children are, etc. For a slut, the man is looking right at really big emotional, medical, legal, and financial problems.

    Instead, the man wants, needs, his wife to be devoted to the marriage, to be bonded to him and the marriage. He needs the traditional marriage vows and needs them to hold. For sex, that’s supposed to be reaffirmation of the bonding. If the sex doesn’t mean anything but friction, a game of tennis, mutual masturbation, etc., then a major source of bonding is lost and the husband is wide open again to really serious emotional, medical, legal, and financial problems.

    Q. But it’s a double standard!

    A. You are darned right it’s a double standard: If the wife cheats, then the husband can get stuck raising the child of another man. But if he cheats, then she doesn’t get stuck raising the child of another woman. The situation is not symmetrical or “equal”. Very old story thoroughly understood for at least some thousands of years.

    But not all men have any interest in cheating. Why?

    (A) If his wife finds out, then he has big problems as his wife gives up on the seriousness of his bonding. In simple terms, she gets afraid, that is, feels insecure because she can’t trust the devotion of her husband, his communications, caring, respect, responsiveness, emotional and financial support, etc. and similarly for their children.

    For casual sex in a good marriage, the risk to the marriage is not worth it. No casual sex is nearly that good.

    (B) Even if his wife doesn’t find out (actually, tough for her not to) and the cheating is not just casual, then the man has two women in his heart instead of just one, and that’s one too many.

    Besides, soon the second woman will be in serious tears, etc. There can be, right, emotional, medical, legal, and financial problems.

    Q. But what about equality for women?

    A. What about it? Bluntly, there’s no real chance and apparently never will be.

    Why? Because for a woman to be like a man in the world of work, sex, etc., means that she is not good enough as a mother and, thus, is a weak, sick, or dead limb on the tree. So, Darwin is on the case, and her genes will soon be out of the gene pool.

    Darwin insists and is not to be disappointed: Future genes will come from women who are strong limbs on the tree, and those women will be really good as mothers and likely also wives.

    Wives? Yes: For the limbs to be strong, the children need to see what a really good marriage with really good motherhood and parenting look like.

    Apparently in the past, a lot of women seemed devoted to the marriage, and the reason was that financially they had no real choice. So, now, some women do have a choice financially and will also choose not to be a devoted wife and mother. Then their genes will soon be out of the gene pool.

    So what will be left are the women who really WANT to be good as wives and mothers. Thus, just now, we are in a period of especially rapid change in the gene pool.

    Orgies are for sick people who don’t know how to build a good marriage. Sadly, there are a lot of sick people out there, e.g., from bad or no marriages.

    An orgy stands to be a really ugly situation: So, there are a lot of sick people looking and needing relationships they are not getting and, due to the orgy, have less chance of ever getting.

    In particular, on Friday afternoon they were lonely, and on Monday afternoon their efforts at forming a good relationship were rejected and they are even more lonely.

    Being lonely is one of the worst things in life. Or, rough quote from memory from E. Fromm, The Art of Loving, 1946,

    For humans, the fundamental problem in life is responding to the anxiety from our realization that alone we are vulnerable to the hostile forces of nature and society.

    Only four solutions have been found effective: (1) Love of spouse. (2) Love of God. (3) Membership in a group where they get support and approval. (4) Orgies with drugs to suppress the feelings — not recommended.

    So, Silicon Valley missed out on (1)-(3) and re-discovered (4).

    What the rich people at the orgies don’t understand is that money is not on Fromm’s list, that rich people can still be lonely, have anxiety from feeling alone.

    Okay. (1)-(4) were already a very old story in 1946 and haven’t gone away yet.

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