Shamnesty and Other Bed Time Fables

Big Red Car here and I have my political hat on today.  [Well, that’s just a figure of speech, ya’ll, cause a Big Red Car does NOT wear a hat.  Any kind of hat — unless it is a well oiled Longhorn hat.  Haha, Big Red Car, you are so damn funny today.]

So, while the number one concern of the political leadership should be the economy and jobs, we are still wrestling with immigration.  We did such a great job on our last distraction, gun control.  Didn’t we actually accomplish something on that?  No?  Well, I can’t believe that.

But let’s play along, ya’ll.

Let’s speak some truth to power.  Hey, they can’t do anything to a Big Red Car, can they?  Uhhh, can they?

It’s all about politics

The Democrats want to embrace immigration as a means of creating a huge voting bloc to serve their electoral purposes.  My goodness, that seems so sneaky and underhanded, Big Red Car.  Are you sure about that?  Yes, the Big Red Car is sure about that, Old Sport.

The Republicans are trying to counter that very real possibility by suggesting their latest new notion — well maybe we will support “legalizing” those illegal aliens but NO PATH TO CITIZENSHIP.  Hmmm, why would they do that?

Because if the 12,000,000 illegal aliens in the country are “legalized” but do not have a clear path to citizenship then they cannot become voters and the Democrats will be stymied in their desire to create a huge voting bloc.  One can only vote if one is a citizen.

Hey, Big Red Car, that seems a bit sneaky and underhanded.

Well, Old Sport, the Democrats and the Republicans are both very sneaky and underhanded.  They’re freakin’ politicians and are really only interested in two things — the perpetuation of their individual jobs and the creation of collective power which will make their individual jobs more powerful.

OMG, Big Red Car, you are so damn cynical.  But you seem to be correct.

The merits of the Shamnesty

On the merits, the Shamnesty does not seem to make much sense to a country with the economic woes with which the United States is currently wrestling.

Do we really want to legalize 12-20,000,000 low wage earning illegal aliens?  Do we really want to flood the market with low cost labor at a time of enormous unemployment?

These low wage earning illegal aliens will never likely be meaningful taxpayers simply because of their wage rates.  This is a simple arithmetic tax reality.  Reality is a very mean bitch.

These same low wage earning illegal aliens will also likely be net users of the social safety network.

Bottom line — no tax revenue generated, much tax revenue consumed.

This all at a time when the numbers are not in balance and unemployment is at its highest longstanding historic level in US history.  We are now at five years of 7.5% + unemployment and that’s U-3 not U-6.  We are becoming totally anesthetized to high unemployment.

Wow, Big Red Car, this does not make sense.  Right, Big Red Car?

Right, Grasshopper.

The bodies

This will be the second time that immigration has been a big issue in the last ten years.  President George W Bush — who the Big Red Car is starting to miss mightily but that’s a bit partisan, Big Red Car — got burned on this issue.

This time around, Senator Marco Rubio (a former Republican Senator from Florida who is trying to shepherd this issue across the finish line) will likely destroy his chances for higher office.  This is a tragedy because the former Republican Senator seemed to have such great promise.  Train wreck.

The other big loser?  You, dear American taxpayer and citizen.  They are just wasting your money in the District of Columbia.  We need to get them to focus on the economy and job creation and to stop chasing the shiny penny.

Hello, Washington, hello — anybody home?  It’s me, your boss, the American taxpayer calling.  Remember me?  Hello?

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.