President Cancels Martha’s Vineyard Vacation to Vacation in Detroit

Big Red Car here.  Well, I was as stunned as you were when I heard that the President had cancelled his Martha’s Vineyard “rich & beautiful” vacation to vacation in Detroit.

Talk about putting one’s money where one’s mouth is.  Good on ya, Mr President.

In case you didn’t hear about it, here is what President Obama had to say this morning:

“There are many who say that the Obama family vacations to Martha’s Vineyard are elitist and a thumb in the eye of the many hard working Americans who today — because of the wretched economic policies of my administration for which I take full personal responsibility — find themselves unable to take any kind of vacation this summer.

In addition, I acknowledge that the free spending and liberal policies of Detroit — which hasn’t had a Republican Mayor since 1960 when it had the highest per capita family income in America — have driven this formerly great city into bankruptcy.  I miss MoTown and the Motor City.

And, yes, the policies of Detroit are identical to the policies of the Obama administration.  Profligate spending, unfettered debt and ill advised nanny state programs.  Yes, those are my policies.

So, I have decided to cancel my Martha’s Vineyard vacation and instead vacation in Detroit.  I am vacationing in Detroit with my family.  That’s right!

Well, actually, Michelle has told me she thinks I am bat shit crazy and that she is still going to Martha’s Vineyard.  Michelle is a strong black woman and you ain’t going to tell that Sistah nothing.  You feel me?

Those two daughters of mine are like:  “Daddy, have you lost your mind?  Detroit is a shit hole.  We’re not going there even if they do embrace all of your policies.”  I feel Michelle’s fingerprints on those two girls.

I am making Beaux — damn dog keeps calling himself Beaux like he’s from Martha’s Vineyard — who is really “BO” go with me if I can find him.  The damn dog wandered home with Speaker Boehner last week.  Said the White House smells like failure to him.  Nobody in the White House can find Boehner’s phone number.

That damn dog is going to get a beating.  Maybe Bo or Beaux needs some travel time with the Mittster — like a roof top trip, Beaux?  Mitt’s got your number, homie.

So, anyway, having made the announcement and having put another head fake on the media, or as I like to call them “my bitches”, I am now announcing that my earlier announcement about vacationing in Detroit?  Not going to happen.  Sorry.  That shit hole is wrecked and I don’t care if it is my fault.

With that being said — I’m going to Martha’s Vineyard, bitches, and you are not.

Hope and change.  Haha, you actually believed that?”

Is this really true?  Hmmm, Big Red Car, I just don’t know.  What do ya’ll think?

But, hey, what the Hell do I know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.

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