Plastic Straw Crime Spree

Big Red Car here to inform y’all about a new threat to civilization – the profileration of the deadly plastic straw.

To be specific, the unsolicited offering of a plastic straw by a waiter. You will recognize this as a crime against humanity of the first order, no?

California is way out in front on this issue currently considering a ban on unsolicited plastic straws.

The California bill is #AB 1884 Straws Upon Request which would make it unlawful for a waiter to provide a plastic straw without a request from a customer.

Violators of the Retail Food Section of the California Health and Safety Code would be guilty of a misdemeanor which is “punishable by a fine of not less than $25 or more than $1,000, or by imprisonment in the county jail for a term not exceeding 6 months, or by both.” [California legislators ensure the Big Red Car they will clean this up and they won’t “criminalize” unsolicited plastic straws, but we’ve heard that before, haven’t we?]

Before we dismiss this out of hand as being more California lunacy, let’s focus on the fact that plastic lasts forever and is, typically, not recycled.

There are reported to be 500,000,000 plastic straws used and thrown away per day which is more than 180,000,000,000 plastic straws per year.

As a category, only 33% of US plastic is recycled annually.

So, there you have it, a step forward in the reduction of the plastic straw crime spree.

Me? I am all in on #boycottplasticstraws

But, hey, what the Hell do I know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car and I never use a straw. I like the feel of the ice cubes against my radiator when I drink. 

5 thoughts on “Plastic Straw Crime Spree

  1. I’m actually ok with ditching the plastic. However, to make it a misdemeanor to give out a straw, is a bit much.

    When they outlawed the plastic bags at the grocery store, at 1st I didn’t like the idea. But now having gotten used to the reusable bags, life goes on and nothing bad about not generating more plastic waste.

    Why not some paper straws made of recycled material? Now that’s a concept!

    I still cannot believe the nut jobs running the show here have made our home a sanctuary place for everyone to just come on in to milk the goat. They love their Kamala.

    • The people pushing the horrible sin of plastic straws stand to get some approval from the California dream’n, enviro-wacko, Greenies and apparently don’t mind that everyone else regards the idea as demented, deranged, delusional, disgusting — a 4D Brain-Dead Darwin Award!

      • Sort of thinking that a solicited-straw-violation is more worthy of an infraction. But who knows? You can’t make it up!

        • I know; I know; the plastics will outlast the pyramids. And can go way out into the Pacific, scoop up some water, pass it through a fine filer, look at the filter under a microscope,. and find little pieces of plastic. And the sea animals take in this plastic with whatever effects on their health.

          And, I know; I know; our waste disposal sites are packed with these plastics that will also outlast the pyramids. So, the giant threat to humanity is the forever accumulating Giant Plastic Monster.

          Yup, I’ve heard all of that. And from California I’ve heard about the severe threat of lawn mower engines and even evaporation of gasoline from suburban lawn mowers.

          I’ve heard a lot about the sky is falling, especially from California and NYC.

          My guess is that there is an industry that lives by claiming various versions of the sky is falling and getting donations.

          So, whenever I hear something from California or NYC about the sky is falling, I guess that the industry has found some more suckers.

          One of my favorite video clips on the sky is falling industry is from Newt Gingrich at Amherst at

          If people are too concerned about plastics, then they can do what I sometimes: Combine the plastics with trash paper and burn both in the fireplace. Right, I try not to burn vinyl.

          Those coeds were cute and sweet, ditsy but cute and sweet. And likely they had loving Daddies with quite a lot of money. If I could be in college again, ugrad or grad student, knowing what I know now, I could have done a LOT better!!!! Dad never explained that part of the birds and bees to me.

          What part? Sure: For such cute, sweet, ditsy coeds, brush up on sky is falling issues, invite one of them for pizza at a low light place just off campus, agree with her about the sky is falling and about how sincere I was, like she, about the issue, and then find a way to the back seat of a car or back to my dorm room, to further discuss the sky is falling!!!!!!

          Then have her well off Daddy get me a good job in his family business as I helped his daughter give him some great grandchildren!!!!! THAT’S what Dad didn’t explain clearly to me!!!!!

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