Let’s Treat Veterans Like Illegal Aliens?

Happy Veteran’s Day, y’all, from the Big Red Car here in the ATX.

Three important data points for you today.

Veteran’s Day — 11 November every year

The founding of Austin by God, Texas — 11 November 1839.

The founding of  the Virginia Military Institute — 11 November 1839.

Why can’t we treat our veterans like illegal immigrants/aliens?

Today, our current administration — worst ever for the military and veterans — treats illegal aliens as privileged parties wanting to ease their entry into the country — illegally, mind you.

They are fighting to get them driver’s licenses, let them pay in state college tuition, educate them, receive free health care, allow them to vote, and generally be treated like they were huge contributors to American society. Hell, they even have “rights.” To obtain this status all they did was break a few laws and enter the country illegally.

Veterans, on the other hand, are seeing their pay cut, their retirement diminished, the military budget being used as a political football, their ranks reduced, their health care denied, and their lives squandered. Veterans served the nation selflessly.

Which brings me to my point — why the Hell don’t we just treat veterans like illegal immigrants, aliens?

As a veteran, I would rather be an illegal immigrant than be at the mercy of the Veteran’s Administration.

The VA is supposed to cater to the needs of veterans — the government’s end of the enlistment contract or officer’s oath upon which men and women went in harm’s way at the order of the President, right?

The government, instead, lies to veterans, dummies up their scheduling, throws out their appointment files, and fails to provide medical treatment. This results in veterans dying while dummied up records are being used to pay performance bonuses to the corrupt and criminal staff. AND NOBODY HAS GONE TO JAIL OVER THIS!

The VA falsified records so they could collect bonuses while denying service to veterans resulting in their death and NOBODY HAS GONE TO JAIL OVER THIS! Is this a shitty administration or what?

Two VA officials recently took the Fifth Amendment rather than providing honest testimony to a Congressional commission. They took the freakin’ Fifth Amendment, a protection against self-incrimination enshrined in the Constitution and protected by the sacrifices of veterans.

So, join me on a hunger strike until the government decides to treat veterans at least as well as illegal immigrants. it is the least we can do!

Happy Veteran’s Day, y’all. Be nice to a veteran today.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car but I’m owned by a veteran! Thank you, veterans!


3 thoughts on “Let’s Treat Veterans Like Illegal Aliens?

  1. No, not a hunger strike. Could need to lose 400 pounds before that could work.

    The US voted for that guy. We had plenty of reasons and ways to know what and who he was and what he thought of the US and wanted when we voted. We have to believe that what he’s doing is just what he wants to do. We should have expected something else? E.g., ObamaCare is a train wreck. From his point of view, in old software terms, that’s not a bug; instead, it’s a feature. Same for Israel, Iran, the VA, Iraq, England, etc. Our Founding Fathers saw such things coming and provided plenty of means of clear Constitutional correction — anytime we want to apply the means. Naw, not a hunger strike. Instead, just use the Constitution.

    You called for a hunger strike. I call for using the Constitution.

    Then elect a POTUS who wants a strong US and will fix the VA.

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