How Stupid Are You?

While this blog post relates to politics, it is not intended to make a political statement other than to demonstrate the wholesale contempt in which the media holds you. The blog post is about the media.

This manifests itself by virtue of the things they write and the obvious distortions they engage in to try to convince you of their agenda. And, yes, they have an agenda.

Let’s take as an example the issue of the recent President Biden speech to the combined sliver of Congress in which he unveiled his slew of new tax proposals to fund an ever growing body of work.

Here is the bill of particulars:

 1. CNN conducted a survey after the speech and opined that “7 out of 10” Americans liked the Biden speech. Bravo!?

 2. Not to be outdone, CBS also conducted a survey and said, “Most viewers approve of Biden’s speech.”

Now, we have two surveys saying the exact same thing. Very convincing?


The CNN headline? “Seven in ten Americans liked the Biden speech.”

Here are the actual facts pertinent to the CNN survey.

 1. The survey was conducted by SSRS Opinion, a leftist polling operation.

 2. The entire sample was 589 persons, a miniscule sample size.

 3. Those surveyed identified themselves as 45% Democrat and 23% Republican with the balance being unidentified, but sourced by SSRS Opinion which might tend toward Democrat.

This is an admitted 2:1 ratio of Dem:Rep. Not the makeup of America.

Clearly, this was a case of home cooking Democrat style. Again, I am not making a political point, but rather one that the media will twist things to achieve a pre-ordained outcome.


The CBS headline? “Most viewers approve of Biden speech.”

Here are the actual facts pertinent to the CBS survey.

 1. The survey was conducted by YouGov, another leftist polling operation. [There are way more leftist polling ops than right leaning.]

 2. YouGov did not identify the sample size which is always a bad thing.

 3. Those surveyed identified themselves as 54% Democrat and 18% Republican with the balance being unidentified.

 4. This is a 3:1 ratio Dem:Rep.


Polling of any kind — if it is intended to achieve an accurate view of America — is held hostage to two things:

 1. Is the polling sample truly indicative of the makeup of America and of sufficient size to be arithmetically significant?

 2. Are the questions even handed and fair — no foreshadowing or suggestions of the right answer?

Bottom line it, Big Red Car — busy day ahead

Fine, dear reader. Here it is.

The media make no attempt any more to even pretend they are skillful or artful arbiters of their craft. They want a certain outcome and they use the tools at their disposal — in this case left leaning polling firms — to achieve it.

Even when they provide documentation as to sample size and composition, they still represent inaccurate results like: “Most viewers approve of Biden speech.”

Who is editing America’s newsrooms? Who?

Both CNN and CBS were once upon a time excellent brands, but now can you really pay attention to articles sourced from garbage like these surveys?

Why? Because they hold you in contempt. Sorry.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car and almost all of America agrees with me on that. Be well, amigos.