FBI Forger Kevin Clinesmith — A Criminal Clown

This guy, Kevin Clinesmith, FBI Agent, forged an email to change completely — 180 degrees — the conclusion of an official document critical to the Carter Page FISA application, and the Mueller Report.

The email was an attachment to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act application for a warrant to investigate Carter Page.

By altering — FORGING — the email, Agent Clinesmith led the FISC Judges to believe that Carter Page had NOT assisted the CIA as a Confidential Human Source when, in fact, US Naval Academy graduate, Navy veteran, Phd holder Carter Page had done such a good job of being a CHS, the CIA was able to snag a couple of Russian spies and put them behind bars.

For five years, Carter Page was a CHS asset for the CIA and worked to assist them to put Russians in jail. Clinesmith — this POS — prevented the FISC Judges from knowing this critical fact.

At an early point in time, FBI Director James Comey knew all of this — the true nature of Carter Page’s service, the forgery. Comey knew and did nothing thereby causing Carter Page to suffer unduly and to be a subject of public derision. Comey knew better.

Why did he do it, Big Red Car?

Because, dear reader, if he had not forged the document, changed it, the FISC judges would never have granted the warrant. This was a Title-1 warrant that provides for unlimited surveillance: wire taps, bugs, electronic surveillance, email, texts, and physical surveillance.

Plus, the FBI could use the Two Hop Rule: surveill the target, surveill the target’s contacts, surveill the target’s contacts’ contacts. Almost the entire world is within two hops. It is a very big thing.

By forging that document, Clinesmith enabled the FBI and the Department of Justice to obtain a warrant on Carter Page. If the FBI knew Carter Page had been a CHS, they would never have applied for or, more importantly, received approval for the FISA warrant. The CIA would have vouched for him, they would have just called on old Carter Page and spoken to him. He was their boy.

Who is Kevin Clinesmith, Big Red Car?

Kevin Clinesmith was an agent in the FBI’s Mid Year Exam (the Hillary Clinton email investigation), the Trump investigation (Crossfire Hurricane), and on Robert Mueller’s team.

The FBI has been trying to describe him as a “low level” agent since it came out what he had done — alter evidence, commit forgery, commit a felony — bu the truth is a little more troubling.

This is pure baloney. The Director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, needs to jump into the middle of this. The lying at the FBI continues.

 1. Brother Clinesmith — graduate of Saginaw Valley State University, Michigan State University College of Law, and the Georgetown University Law Center — worked on the biggest investigations the FBI conducted in the last three years. He was not a “low level” scrivener; he was a top level player.

 2. On all of these task forces, Clinesmith reported to FBI Agent Peter Strzok. Hello, America.

 3. Clinesmith was “FBI Attorney No 2” who sat in on the George Papadopulous interview of February 2017 in which George P allegedly misled the FBI and ended up pleading guilty to a process crime of lying to the FBI.

The George Pop Show was the start of it all. Clinesmith was part of it from the beginning with a seat at the table all the time.

 4. Prior to working on all these T-bone steak investigations, Clinesmith worked in the FBI’s National Security and Cyber Law Branch and worked under FBI General Counsel James Baker and Deputy General Counsel Trisha Anderson. This guy is nobody’s low level anything.

 5. The guy got canned by Mueller when the Inspector General identified some Tweets and text messages that had Clinesmith as a member of The Resistance, meaning he was anti-Trump.

 6. Clinesmith worked for Mueller for a year and when Mueller fired him for the bias, Mueller failed to tell anybody until it came to light within the last few months. Mueller’s failure to tell the FBI, the DOJ, the public that his investigation was employing biased, anti-Trump FBI agents is a huge concern. 

 7. From the beginning, Mueller knew there was a problem with the FISA warrants, with the FBI agent bias (Strzok, Page, Clinesmith). He fired them, but he kept the reasons why confidential.

Mueller’s silence mislead us. That is not right.

Mueller knew from the beginning that the Dossier as crap and that Carter Page was not and never was a Russian asset.

 8. It was not until the Inspector General’s report was made public on Monday, 9 December 2019, that the implications of this guy’s criminal act became apparent.

This guy allowed the entire FISA application to go forward with his felonious forgery. This is huuuuuuuuuuuge.

The FBI, the DOJ allowed this clown to continue to work for the FBI for years after the felony. One account indicates he left in September 2019 while another seems to indicate he is still there. Who knows?

So what, Big Red Car? What does it mean?

This Clinesmith guy made Carter Page’s life a holy Hell. Carter Page stood accused of being a Russian spy, a Russian agent. Turns out US Naval Academy grad, Navy vet Carter Page is also a huge patriot who worked for the CIA for five years.

In fact, Carter Page was a faithful patriot who had rendered great service to his nation as a Confidential Human Source working for the CIA to out Russian evil doers for five years.

This clown, this Clinesmith, did Carter Page wrong. Big time.

Clinesmith was in the middle of these critical investigations — with Strzok and Page — and was only recently outed. How much other stuff did he and they do that we don’t know about?

This guy has to go to jail. The freakin’ FBI employs men who get away with felonious, criminal forgery of government documents?

Robert Mueller could have told us about this, but it would have wrecked his faux narrative. He did not.

If the Inspector General hadn’t told us this in his report, it would have been swept under the table and never have seen the light of day.

These sons of bitches almost pulled it off. They never expected Donald J Trump to actually be elected. All of them are into the deep end of the shit pool. They thought Hillary would win.

This is very serious stuff. An FBI agent entrusted with the honesty, integrity, sanctity of our system of law enforcement committed felonious, criminal forgery. How many other things were done we don’t know about yet?

President Trump was right — the Obama admin tapped his phones and dug into his private information all because this guy drove those Carter Page FISA warants forward with his criminal behavior.

Start the chant right now: Clinesmith, Clinesmith, Clinesmith! We want his head.