Entrepreneur Addiction

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So The Boss is talking to a couple of his favorite CEOs and they get on the subject of addiction.

Here are the azaleas in the ATX. Must be close to time for the Masters, no?

Addictions — drugs, alcohol being the normal areas of concern — are destructive and they never have a final outcome. The final chapter may be in the cemetery. Unhealthy addictions lead to very bad outcomes.

Entrepreneurs are arguably addicted to the energy and environment of the startup world. This is not a new revelation because the “deal junkie” label has been around for a long time. Repetitive transactions are often the excitement that fuels one’s passion. Like drugs and alcoholic, there is a potential for addiction.

This does not mean to imply it is a bad or destructive addiction. It is an addiction.

Serial entrepreneurs have the best of both worlds — feeding their addiction and leveraging their knowledge to build on their learnings. A serial entrepreneur is a superior bet on the jockey element of jockey, horse, course.

Take a second to reflect if you personally are addicted to the startup mojo — not the admission of a failing but just something good to know about yourself.

But, hey, what the hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Be good to yourself, you entrepreneur junkie.


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