Deport these little shits

Big Red Car here.  Trying to get out of the way of The Boss.  He is in one of his moods.  Watch out, ya’ll.

He is pretty damn exercised about this story that three of the Boston Marathon Massacre perp’s friends obstructed justice.

The Boss is a funny guy.  He refuses to mention the name of the surviving Boston Marathon Massacre bomber.  Unless his given name is “that little shit”?

An article was published today which reported that three friends of that little shit obstructed justice and lied to the bombing investigators.  Here is the article.  <<< click on link to read article

Apparently two of these three little shits are in the US on student visas and are attending the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth.  They are from Kazakhstan.

These little shits hid evidence and then attempted to destroy it to boot.

There is a simple solution to this transgression — send them home.

Immigration into the United States is a privilege not a right.  The United States regrets they let the family of the original little shits into the country given their murderous behavior.

Now, the United States needs to act with certainty and speed by deporting theses two little shits from Kazakhstan.  Now.  Swiftly.

If you aid and abet bombers or cover their tracks from authorities — you go home.

Deport These Little Shits Now!

But, hey, what the Hell do I know really?  I’m just a Big Red Car but if you screw with America the Big Red Car says — deport the little shits.

9 thoughts on “Deport these little shits

  1. I’m in favor of an “and” strategy… While in our country, you are under our laws, and will be held accountable. Serve your punishment, AND then get deported….

    • .
      Normally I would agree with you but I am tired of paying for incarcerating shitheads. Let someone else pay for that.

      Otherwise I agree with you completely.


  2. I agree. They were on a student visa and committed a criminal offense, so they violated their visa agreement. Deporting them would send a loud & clear message.

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      How long do you think it will take the administration do deal with this?

      We have been trying to close down Gitmo for over 5 years, no?


  3. We’re a nation of immigrants, Big Red Car. Emma Lazarus, when she wrote the Constitution, made sure to add that America welcomes the world’s “wretched refuse”. Plus, lots of Silicon Valley companies were founded by immigrants. If we deport these kids, we’d be turning our backs on the Constitution and Silicon Valley.

    • .
      Let’s just deport little shits who aid and abet terrorists?

      That’s not exactly the high hurdles, yes?

      I don’t really GAS what is going on in Silicon Valley — I just want little shits who aid murderous terrorists who blow up innocent civilians at marathons to be deported.

      I’m funny like that.


      • BRC, I live on California and it’s infected with the worst stench of…well…just look at it’s leaders. Why don’t you move back east, Dave, and bring them an Easter basket and a some warm blankies to make them feel better? It’s hard on them, i’m sure, to be questioned about murder. Let’s double their quota of food cards, and government assisted housing since murdering people does not pay much. They really are victims and our nation is at stake here, Dave.

        • We are so soft as a country. And our enemies know this. Everyone gets a trophy. They should already be on their way home.

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