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Big Red Car here.  Hey, rain in the ATX and a huge lightning delay in the Longhorns v Texas Christian University.  Longhorns v Christians?  Final score after the long lightning delay: 30-7.

Horns prevail over Horned Frogs, well, Christian horned frogs, no?

So The Boss is talking up a cool new website called  Go check it out.

In The Boss’s CEO coaching business he is constantly working with brilliant CEOs who are changing the world with web based products.  [No, Grasshopper, this has NOTHING to do with Obamacare.  Haha, you are a goose, Grasshopper.  STFU already, Big Red Car, and get on with telling the story.]

The Boss meets a lot of interesting characters who are doing a lot of very interesting web based work.  One such character is a chap named Kirk Love from New York City.

They met on which is The Boss’s favorite blog.  It is written by a venture capitalist, Fred Wilson, who The Boss has come to admire greatly for a multitude of reasons not the least of which is that this “salon” — the enormous community of readers, commenters, entrepreneurs, high tech folk and just interesting people — is the most intelligent and best behaved such community on the web.  Fred unlocks the secrets of how venture capital is played at the seed startup level.

Kirk Love is a wag who enjoys poking a bit of good natured fun at Fred.  He is also apparently a quite successful web entrepreneur who has produced this new and very cool website.  [Disclaimer — KL is not a client of The Boss and they have never met in person though they have exchanged emails.  No payola or pimping going on here, ya’ll.]

The Boss liked it immediately.  It is a tiny bit like Pintrest and a tiny bit like Tumblr and just a splash of and a huge dose of of something very new and refreshing.  It is a peg board for your most precious memories.

Go to and look at The Boss’s peggsite.  Run your cursor over the pics and read the captions.  Read about the site also.

[BTW, this site is in a “beta” test status meaning they are testing it to work out all of the bugs.  NSA are you listening?  Please tell the White House and Secretary Sebelius about beta testing.  They may appreciate learning about it.  This is how folks who develop websites professionally do their stuff.  They TEST it first.  Hey, Big Red Car, STFU already.  Haha.]

This could be huge.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.  Be good to your loved ones today.



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  1. You are not only a beautiful looking Impala, you are a kind and generous one. Happy to have you park yourself anytime at PeggSite. Thanks again to one sweet-ass ride.

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