It is Time to Abolish the IRS

Big Red Car here.  Well, The Boss is upset about the IRS scandal and has been beating his gums pretty damn hard.

At first, I was thinking this was much ado about nothing.  But, now, the Big Red Car is calling for the abolition of the IRS — the Internal Revenue Service.

Lies, lies, more lies

When this scandal first started it was a couple of low life rogue Treasury agents in Cincinnati who had wandered off the reservation and had targeted Tea Party and conservative groups.  What a bunch of crap, Big Red Car.

Well, the elites all know that the Tea Party is a bunch of weirdos and who really cares if the IRS screws with a few weirdos and especially out there in Cincinnati where these “rogue” agents live, right?

Well, as it turns out, we now have one of the main protagonists taking the Fifth Amendment and refusing to testify before Congress.

We have the IRS Commissioner setting up shop in the White House visiting over 150 times in a couple of years and then being unable to remember with whom he met or what was discussed.  His predecessor visited the White House ONE TIME IN EIGHT YEARS.

Now we find out that not only were Tea Party folks — weirdos, really — targeted but anyone with a conservative leaning or businessmen who supported the candidacy of Mitt Romney.

Turns out the shots were being called in Washington, DC after all and there are no rogue agents though the Administration continues to try to sell that sad tale.

Who is the IRS anyway?

The IRS is a bunch of dangerous folks.  They are the Nation’s tax collectors.  Not too many charm school grads in that lot, sayeth the Big Red Car.

The IRS is staffed by union members — The National Treasury Employees Union.

The NTEU is an active supporter of Democratic causes.  They are effectively a wing of the Democratic party and thus, protestations to the contrary notwithstanding, how can this not be political?

This entire episode — corrupt to its hairline — is all about dirty politics.  Chicago style politics.

The elites v the little people

This whole thing is about the 2012 elections in which the Nation’s elites decided it would be a “spot of all right” if the pesky Tea Party folks who had goobered up the 2010 mid-term Congressional elections tipping the balance toward the Republicans were given a bit of “time out” in order to throw some sand into their organization gears.

To blunt their effectiveness in the upcoming election in 2012.

Let’s cut the crap — the IRS was willingly used as a tool to tamp down the enthusiasm and fundraising of the Tea Party because the Tea Party was hurting the electoral performance of Democratic candidates.

The George Soros funded elites and the Administration and the IRS had no problem throttling the Tea Party folks, conservatives and businessmen who supported Mitt Romney because they were just little people who really have no rights to fair treatment.

The NTEU had no problem with this approach.  After all they were all Democrats and Democratic supporters anyway, right?


So one can judge the impact by evaluating the outcomes of things, right?

The IRS was caught at their shenanigans but tried to lie their way out of it — rogue agents, guffaw sayeth the Big Red Car.  Rogue agents indeed.

The IRS senior management cannot account for their actions.  A very senior supervisor is taking the Fifth Amendment.

The IRS is clearly a corrupt and politically motivated body.  It is not an organ of government.  It is a part of the Democratic Party.

The White House, the Chicago Political Machine resident in the White House, is in this up to their eyeballs.

Oh, yeah, did I mention that the President won re-election in a narrow victory?

Funniest thing so far — the President says he never knew what was going on and he learned about it when we learned about it from the media.  Haha, sayeth the Big Red Car.

No kidding, Mr President?  Really?

Let’s abolish the IRS

It is time to abolish the IRS.  It is time to excise this cancer from the American government.  Do whatever is necessary but get rid of the IRS and their lies, obfuscation and corruption.

Today, the Big Red Car wants you to say to three people — “Hey, maybe we should abolish the IRS?”  Hell yes!

For the Big Red Car, the final straw was when the President’s half brother received a retroactive approval for his bogus charity and the Tea Party folks are being jerked around literally for years.

This is government out of control and the enemy of the people.

The IRS must go.  Abolish the IRS.

But, hey, what the Hell do I know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.





2 thoughts on “It is Time to Abolish the IRS

  1. it’s the only way out. Flat tax, abolish them. 15% across the board, send it in. Work out the details for corporations later, but lots of capital will flow back to the US with that tax policy.

    • You essentially had the flat tax after the 1986 tax act. It doesn’t last long or work for corporations (15% gross income tax puts all grocery stores out of business).

      Please look at the Fair Tax. It’s a better plan than a flat tax.

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