China — Reading the Tea Leaves

In case you had any doubts, the Chinese are not to be trusted.

I cite not the obvious such as the militarization of islands in the South China Sea to expand Chinese influence and to put deadly weapons upon 40% of the shipping lanes in the world, or their operation of re-education concentration camps, or their perfidy in dealing with North Korea (a vassal state which exists only because China supports it), or their reneging on things in the USA-Chinese trade negotiations.

Couple of pals hamming it up after a nice confab.

“You ready to do some de-nuking, my man?” asked President-for-Life Xi.

“Nah,” sayeth Kim, “just jerking The Donald around. Need some swag before we do that. Serious, serious swag.”

“Don’t you let him bully you, Homie,” Xi said. “I got your back. Plus, I need to jerk him around a bit my own self. Son-of-a-bitch is getting all restive about our stealing some technology. What is up with that.”

“Do it, President-for-Life. Of course, you have been stealing a lot of tech and manipulating that currency of yours. Well played. Let’s go eat, shall we?”

“What you have in mind?” Xi asked.

“Some American baloney?”

“You’re bad.”

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No, I call attention to the fact that China censors the Hell out of what any Chinese person can learn about the outside world and the outside world’s view of China.

The Chinese have turned off Wikipedia in all of China.

How can any civilized country operate without Wikipedia? How can any free people be denied Wikipedia?

I am not certain exactly how China does this — is there an Internet switch in Beijing somewhere that Xi says, “Flip the switch and let’s go have some egg rolls”?

I just don’t know, but they have managed to find the switch.

For guys like Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr, Dem candidate leading in the early polls for the nomination, it may come as a shock that China is an unbridles censor of the truth, the Internet, and the crowd sourced wisdom of Wikipedia.

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“Come on, folks, the Chinese are our pals and they love my son. Gave him a billion dollars or was it a billion and a half? Who cares?”

Sleepy Joe seems to think they — the Chinese — are some great guys. Sort of how President Obama dismissed Candidate Romney’s focus on the Russians while the Russians were interfering in our elections.

So, remember who we are dealing with in China. They are Communist bastards who kill their own people when they are troublesome, stuff their ideological enemies in re-education concentration camps, run over protesters with tanks, and censors of the Internet and Wikipedia.

Now, have a nice damn weekend and have some untariffed Chinese food, but be careful out there.