Agreeing With Socialists

I found myself agreeing with a socialist the other day. It is an example of my fact-based, data-driven, logical approach to finding the truth, my objective truth.

The facts are this:

 1. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is a socialist, a pizza loving socialist who once said his favorite pizza shop should re-open even though they owed more than $167,000 in back taxes.

 2. On New Years Eve, awaiting the dropping of the ball in Times Square, Domino’s Pizza began to charge $30 for a walk up pizza — an approximately 50% price increase. Domino’s disagrees, but I think they are full of cheese.

 3. Mayor de Blasio condemned this behavior as being “price gouging.” [He also called out Domino’s for a boycott re-directing pizza eaters to local pizzerias rather than Domino’s. Not a boycott guy myself. Huge supporter of local pizza. Talking to you Little Deli and that Jersey Shore pizza.]

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio making case for Domino’s price gouging. Guy loves pizza, but likes local pizzerias more than “corporate pizza.”

 4. Others defended the Domino’s pricing decision as being simple demand v supply driven pricing theory, much the same as Uber’s surge demand pricing is explained.

I side with Mayor de Blasio — it was old fashioned price gouging. It was wrong. Domino’s Pizza belongs on the “naughty” side of the ledger.

And, there, you have it, dear reader — me and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio agreeing on something — pizza price gouging — based on facts, data, and sound logic. Me, agreeing with socialists. Wow!

BTW, when he was running for President Mayor de Blasio championed the cause of “free pizza for all.”

Wait, I have to run now — a squadron of pigs just flew over in a V-formation, and it seems to be getting very cold in the ‘hood.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Facts. Data. Sound logic. Can bring us together in 2020.



Socialism At The Speed Of Light — Venezuela

OK, I don’t think The Squad or the Democrats writ large are going to plunge the United States of America into socialism, but I do think it is worthwhile investigating how fast such things can happen.

Doing singular stupid things is not the same as imposing socialism, but it is how socialism takes root.

Let’s take the case of Venezuela. Venezuela was the richest country in South America and sat upon the largest known oil reserves on the planet (still does) in 1992.

Image result for images flag of venezuela

Here is the time line:


An unknown Lieutenant Colonel of paratroopers, Hugo Chavez, attempts to overthrow the duly elected government of Venezuela. The coup attempt fails. Chavez is imprisoned, but achieves name identity.

[Pro tip: As a paratrooper myself — a guy who jumped out of perfectly good airplanes — I caution the world to keep track of what the paratroopers are up to at all times.]

The country was in the midst of street protests over a gasoline price hike.

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