Boo — Sequestration

Big Red Car here.  Getting ready to take a coffee run and I wanted to just remind you of something.

Boo — sequestration!

Scary stuff?  Or a total non-event?  You decide.

Now, the next big thing is the impending debt ceiling increase.  Boo!

Don’t worry, it’s still jobs.  And nobody is talking about it at all and it’s still the BIG thing.  J O B S — jobs!

But, hey, what the Hell do I know anyway?  I’m just a Big Scary Red Car!

Boo — sequestration!

2 thoughts on “Boo — Sequestration

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      Of course and it turns out that it was not really all that disruptive after all.

      Maybe we can cut by 2% an enormously bloated budget after all?


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