Blood Suckers Alert

Big Red Car here.  Bit sunny here in the ATX and going to be 103F today.  Going to be over 100F for the rest of August — bring it, Mothah Nature, bring it.

But it is only 18 days until the first Longhorn football game on 31 August v New Mexico State.  Of course, it is a night game and should only be 98F by 7:00 PM.  Those boys from the New Mexico will have no problem handling the heat, Mothah Nature has not been cutting them any slack this summer.

Lyme Disease and the Powassan Virus

So The Boss is having coffee early this morning with one of his young, brilliant CEO pals who mentions he has been in NYC with his tin cup raising money.

Brilliant yound CEO says that he loves to run around the Reservoir in Central Park.  He mentions that there is a city wide alert for the presence of blood sucking ticks which carry Lyme Disease and Powassan Virus — Big Red Car has to admit I’ve heard about Lyme Disease but the Powassan Virus, well, that’s a new one on the Big Red Car.  Not even sure I spelled it right.

Anyway, the Center for Disease Control says:  “Check your bad old self for ticks after you get done hanging out in NYC parks.”

Now, the Big Red Car will josh you up a bit from time to time but this is no laughing matter.  Lyme Disease and Powassan Virus are killers.  No laughing matter.

The Press Conference

Well, the folks in Washington, the District of Columbia, are supposed to be running the damn country, right?  A Big Red Car did not imagine this, right?

So, Senator Chuck Schumer — he represents the State of New York wherein Central Park is located — holds a press conference to announce the dangers of ticks in the NYC parks.

One wag says this is one blood sucker warning the citizenry about another blood sucker.

Bit tacky, no?  But funny nonetheless.

Here is a link to some info on the press conference and the CDC alert.  CDC Alerts New Yorkers about blood sucking parasites.

There are others who would say “why is a US Senator involved with ticks when the CDC has already issued an alert?”  “Why is a US Senator not focused on more important things like the national economy or jobs?”  Well, the Big Red Car, says “fair play” — these are good questions.

The Blood Sucker Lobby

Well, no sooner does the Senator hold his press conference alerting New Yorkers and visitors to the threat of blood suckers in The City’s parks than the ACLU holds a press conference of its own to announce that it is taking up the cause of the little blood suckers against the big blood suckers.  Is this a great country or what?

The big takeaway here?  Only 18 more days until Longhorn football starts.  BTW, the New Mexico State team is called the “Aggies” but they are not those hated, feared and respected Texas A & M Aggies.

But, hey, what the Hell do I know anyway?  I’m still just a Big Red Car.  Stay cool, ya’ll.