Amazon Hiring

Big Red Car here on a rainy day along the Houston coast. They are saying Houston might get TWO FEET of rain. Wow!

So, Amazon has been holding a hiring extravaganza. They held a multi-city job fair on 17 September 2019 in Arlington, Boston, Nashville, Dallas, Chicago, and Seattle. This is where the job fair is being held, but the jobs are all over the country.

Young lady pointed out to me that the “a” and the “z” on the logo are connected by the arrow ’cause Amazon will sell you whatever the heck you want from A >>>> Z. OK?

You will note that they did not hold a job fair in Long Island City because the local Dem politicians ran Amazon and its proposed HQ2 off. That ended up with places like Austin By God Texas and the places noted above getting more of the hiring tasking.

You may credit the savant Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for that move. Well played, AOC. Who needs those stinking jobs, eh?

Yeah, I did that. Ran off those 25,000 Long Island City Amazon jobs. Me. Green New Deal rules! (Notice I have my “smart girl” glasses on.)

Amazon is hiring for 30,00 currently vacant positions. That is a lot of vacancy.



They received more than 208,000 applicants.

Amazon went out of their way to make sure that everybody knew that Amazon pays no less than $15/hour though many of these positions are salaried and executive in nature — meaning big bucks. Plus business cards.

So, there you have it. Amazon is hiring. There are 30,000 jobs out there that need someone right away. More than 208,000 folks applied.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car and I did not apply for a position with Amazon. I already have a job and am negotiating for a paint job.

Be good out there and stay dry, Houston.