A Date Which Will Live in Infamy — the attack on Pearl Harbor

Big Red Car here in a somber mood.

This is how World War II started for the Americans.  The English and French had been fighting the Germans for some time now.

It was a devastating attack and almost destroyed the entire American Pacific Fleet.  But the Japanese failed to send in another wave (or two) and failed to destroy the fuel dump on Ford Island, the submarines and the aircraft carriers at sea.  The Japanese then turned tail and ran back to Japan.

In the horror and suspended belief of it all, the American Nation came together.  The American Tiger was awoken.  Slow to anger but fierce in battle when aroused.  America quickly replaced its Pacific Fleet and took the fight to the Japanese at Guadalcanal on the long road to victory.

America’s industrial might was expanded and the Arsenal of Democracy provided the manpower and the weapons to defeat the Japanese and the Germans.  Good triumphed over evil.  The flickering lights of freedom were returned to their full throated glory.

Less than four years later, the Americans would have their final revenge when the Japanese surrendered unconditionally in Tokyo harbor on the deck of Admiral of the Fleet Halsey’s flagship, the USS Missouri.

This is how wars are supposed to end with America’s enemies vanquished.  We Americans must never forget our history and when we were and continue to be the world’s best hope of freedom.  God bless America and may He always keep her strong!

The Attack


Declaration of War


Surrender Ceremony

Every man, woman and child in the United States should review these films once a year on Pearl Harbor Day and honor the sacrifice of our fathers to preserve and protect our Nation.  Thank you and Godspeed.

Be kind to a Veteran on this day.



3 thoughts on “A Date Which Will Live in Infamy — the attack on Pearl Harbor

  1. …And the day after the Surrender ceremony, the Japanese decided to bomb the world with sushi and electronics instead of missiles.

    I watched the Surrender ceremony…wow. MacArthur’s leadership style is inspiring. I noted that he started by declaring “peace” and never said “we won”, rather using “surrender” language. His message was one of peace as being a new chapter. I like that. Contrast with G.W.B. who started his Iraq post-war speech by saying “we won….”.

    These were the days where wars had a start but also an end. The issue now is the recent wars don’t have an ending with the intended consequences they were started with. Can today’s wars have the same effect as previous wars given the way they are being conducted?

    • .
      When I read about the fighting in the Pacific on those little islands where there was no room to fire and maneuver and all a Marine or a grunt could do was to drive straight ahead my heart almost stops.

      Looking at those photographs makes me cry.

      How did America ever produce men that tough and rough and capable and humble and sacrificing? How?

      We live in their shadows, mortgaged to a future they paid for — F O R E V E R!

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