Returns Driving Retail?

In the afterglow of the Pandemic wherein the whole world was on line buying “stuff” the issue of returns has become a gigantic consideration.

Look at the number of parcels handled worldwide during the time period 2013 – 2026 (estimated). It is truly gigantic. Click on the graph to see it at a usable scale.

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Shopify — The Revolutionary

Image result for shopify logo

Huge fan of Shopify for a number of reasons:

 1. Shopify is a plug-and-play solution to getting you into the eCommerce business. Sign on with Shopify and you are in business as quickly as you can take pictures of your merchandise and put a price on it. Effortless. Streamlined.

 2. As a software product, Shopify fulfills the promise of the Internet as a means of creating “digital real estate” whereon a tech savvy digital business woman (see what your “woke” Big Red Car did there?) can reach the entire world without having to undertake a huge tech effort to get her store open.

This is a huge victory, a fulfillment of an enormous promise.

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