Azaleas, Metaphor for a Startup

Big Red Car here in the glorious ATX where the weather is perfect and the azaleas are in bloom. Click on the photo below so you can see it in a larger scale.

Azaleas are a little finicky in the Austin soil which tends to be alkaline and not quite acidic enough for perfect conditions. This is true for both azaleas and magnolias. Also startups? Continue reading


The D Theory of Life

Big Red Car here. Wow, it is unbelievable here in the ATX — weather, scent of spring (except for the killer pollen), and the flowers. The azaleas are spectacular.

So The Boss has a theory about life. It is a protective theory. Read about it here. The D theory of life.

Happy Easter to all! Continue reading


Entrepreneur Addiction

Big Red Car here. Please accept my apology for being MIA for the last two weeks. No excuse. To those who sent the death threats, I looked up your TCP/IP addresses and I will be coming to see you shortly.

No weather report today but the azaleas are in full bloom. Wow!

So The Boss is talking to a couple of his favorite CEOs and they get on the subject of addiction.

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