Wild About: The Wyld, Savannah

Savannah is a water town — astride the Savannah River downtown, alongside the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and bisected by water cuts — all framed by gorgeous, fragrant marshes, nature’s cleansing system. It is a thoroughly delightful environment.

Part of that delight is when good food is served from the bountiful seafood harvest on the edge of the water itself. Such a place is The Wyld astraddle miles of marsh reeds bending in the breeze.

Better yet, the food is really great and fresh.

Exhibit One is the shrimp roll, filled with a felonious portion of shrimp in a distinctive flavored tarragon mayo with chives accompanied by hot, seasoned fries. The watermelon with basil, olive oil, lime, and sea salt is refreshing and light.

Savannah is a wonderful place to summer. We did get hit by Hurricane Elsa, but it was no big deal.

Ahhh, the summer in the South.