Terrorists on Terror

Big Red Car here on a glorious, cold ATX day, y’all.

In Tehran, three days ago, there was a conference about fighting terrorism — yes, you read that correct.  In the capital of the nation which is the largest state sponsor of terrorism there was a conference on fighting terrorism.

Amongst the participants — six nation invitees — were Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, China, and Russia.

One could fairly single out Iran and Turkey as being cesspools of terror support. Pakistan is up there.

Economic Terrorism

During the conference, the President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, denounced the US sanctions imposed on Iran for their conduct of terror support, nuclear development, and missile development as “economic terrorism.”

This from a nation that supports Hamas, Hezbollah, the Quds and is involved in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Gaza and that routinely says, “Death to America” and says Israel should be wiped from the face of the Earth.

He threatens that if the sanctions succeed — which, clearly they are — then the west will be flooded with illegal drugs.

I am having a difficult time making that connection. I see the more logical outcome a bit of regime change.

The US pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal in May. There are many who thought and continue to think that the Iran nuclear deal was a poorly considered idea and that in the absence of US Senate approval should not have been agreed in the first place.

Rouhani said, “America’s unjust and illegal sanctions against the honorable nation of Iran have targeted our nation in a clear instance of terrorism.”

He continued, “When they [the US] put pressure on China’s trade, we are all harmed. By punishing Turkey, we are all punished. Any time they threaten Russia, we too consider our security to be endangered.”

Take a second and consider those words. Here’s the bottom line, “Bingo. You got the message. The United States intends to punish you for your actions as it relates to the support of terrorism. Message delivered. Drive on.”

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Iran — the largest state sponsor of terrorism.