Predictions Year 2021

This last year, 2020, has been a bitch. What will the next year hold? Here they come — predictions 2021!


Here is what will happen with the Pandemic in 2021:

 1. The Pandemic will be in the rear view mirror by the end of June 2021 meaning those who want a shot of vaccine will have had one.

Dr. Fauci will start to wear Dr. Birx’s scarves to work.

We will all get vaccine ID tattoos or piercings, but there will be no Voter ID card. No, sir.

 2. It will be revealed that China made the damn virus stuff — no baloney about bats in seafood markets —  in a lab and it got away from them. Haha. No, really. It was an “accident,” not a field exercise.

Chinese President-for-Life Xi, at the United Nations annual meeting, says, “Ooops!” Everybody laughs whilst he shrugs his shoulders, cocks his head to the left, raises his eyebrows, extends his hands palms up, and looks sheepish for eight full seconds.

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