When Journalists Do Their Job

No, this is not a screed about journalists being the “enemy of the people,” which I do not subscribe to anyway. This is a story about how journalists can illuminate a forgotten or overlooked story and thereby bring something of great importance to the public, and, in this instance, to the judicial system.

I speak, of course, of l’affaire Epstein. Jeffrey Epstein is a billionaire sexual predator who was able to use high powered lawyers and his own prominence in the social/financial world to obtain a sweetheart plea bargain that stomped on the rights of his many victims.

He had friends in high places. Friends who he took along on his travels — this chap 26 times — and who may have been available to put their thumbs on the scales of justice when he needed it. [Get it? The thumb?]

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Here’s Epstein in the company of famed Harvard prof Alan Dershowitz — one of his lawyers! This picture is from before Epstein pled guilty to his various nefarious deeds involving young women.

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