Russia Admits Defeat In Ukraine?

Dmitry Medvedev, former President of Russia and Putin stooge of long standing, made an odd admission yesterday.

Dimi said that Russia would use nukes if they were to lose the war in Ukraine.

It is hard to read this any other way than an admission of future defeat for Russia.

Medvedev, who used to be a “liberal” interested in bringing Russia kicking and screaming into the modern world and developing healthy relations with Europe and the US, has become the designated spokesman for Russia’s persistent threats of nuclear obliteration.

It was Dimi who threatened Finland and Sweden there would be huuuuuuge consequences if they joined NATO. Yawn.

He is Putin’s best boy, so the message has to be seriously considered, but the words say something entirely different. The Russians are preparing themselves for defeat.

Dimi and Vlad in an intimate moment discussing murdering innocent civilians in Ukraine.

What’s odd about this, Big Red Car?

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