The Power of Competition

Competition — it’s what’s for breakfast these days.

Your Big Red Car sometimes feels like folks who are “in the fight” think they have to cede certain territory to their competitors without a fight. I am often reminded of a snippet of wisdom once placed before me by a Sergeant Major, “Lieutenant, when you get in a fight, remember to fight.”

That has always stuck with me which brings me to some interesting statistics from Q1-2019 related to advertising revenue growth, digital advertising revenue on the Internet.

One assumes that advertising revenue is owned by a few big companies — talking to you, Google. In case you didn’t know, Google has a new logo.

Image result for images google logo

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Fox, Let’s Buy Fox?

Big Red Car here on a lovely, young Saturday morning waiting for the A/C guy and the plumber, which, of course, brings me to the issue of the Twentieth Century Fox feeding frenzy.

For those keeping score at home, Twentieth Century Fox is being pursued by a couple of companies to acquire it. Right now, Mickey Mouse is the anointed winner.

The potential acquirers were: The Disney Company and Comcast.

Image result for images of mickey mouse

My name is Mickey and I want to buy Twentieth Century Fox, y’all.

As I said, right now, Mickey is in the lead, but Fox can receive and consider new bids and new bidders.

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