The Devious Democrats in Denver

Colorado — which voted for George W Bush twice — is controlled by Democrats in Denver.

The Dem Governor is a chap named Jared Polis.

Dem Governor Jared Polis of Colorado

The Colorado Senate is composed of 35 Senators of whom 23 are Dems and 12 Reps.

The Colorado House of Representatives is composed of 65 members of whom 46 are Dems and 19 are Reps.

In addition, the Attorney General and the Secretary of State are both Dems. Continue reading


Report From the Front Lines — the Marijuana Wars

Big Red Car here.  So The Boss was in Colorado, Steamboat Springs to be exact, just when the legalization of recreational marijuana took effect, locally known as Green Wednesday.

Does the idea of stoned snowboarders worry you?  Uhhh, guess not since — as someone pointed out — it is likely this is NOT a changed condition.

In any event, I apologize for using the word “stoned” as that may be interpreted as a pejorative term and that is not fair given that the use of marijuana in Colorado is not only condoned, it is perfectly legal.  Folks should not be ridiculed for engaging in perfectly legal behavior.

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