Strategy, President-elect Trump

Big Red Car here with some observations as it relates to strategy and President-elect Trump.

I am trying to ration my political commentary to allow the man to actually be inaugurated but I did want to note something that I think is being overlooked.

Bear with me, if you can.

Victory Tour

President-elect Trump has taken off on a Victory Tour which started in the Rust Belt.

Well on his way — far ahead of his predecessors — to forming his government, he is taking a lap to thank folks and to do a bit more.

Proponents will, predictably, love it while opponents will decry it. Ho hum. Nothing new there.

The Rust Belt Strategy

Nobody saw Candidate Trump making any inroads in the Rust Belt but the Trump Campaign. Hell, the Rust Belt was universally ignored.

Then, he won it all. He swept the Rust Belt in places his opponent never even visited. How could that be?

Strategy, Big Red Car? Really?

The Victory Tour returns him to the scene of his triumph and brings with it l’Affaire Carrier. Say what you will but for the folks whose jobs were saved, it is a big, big, big deal.

Critics may fairly note that the President of the United States cannot micro-manage each and every employment situation in the Rust Belt and across the United States. Fair play to you, says the Big Red Car.

But, what the President can do is to set a tone. Set an attitude. So, Big Red Car, what is that attitude that your President Trump is setting?


The strategic implications will have a long term impact if President Trump follows through on his initial efforts.

The Rust Belt working folks will have their champion. They put him in the White House and even before he moved into his new government subsidized housing, he came to thank them. They are no longer ignored.

He brought l’Affaire Carrier with him as concrete results of what he can do that his predecessors were unwilling to even try. Not perfect results but results nonetheless.

Payoff? Strategy has a payoff, Big Red Car

The payoff is:

 1. The Rust Belt will — may, will is a bit too strong just yet — become Trump Country.

 2. The Rust Belt will support President Trump because he has become their voice.

 3. This will play Hell with any Democrat Senators seeking re-election in 2018. [Yes, the 2018 Senate and House races have already begun. Sigh. Merry Christmas!]

 4. This is a change of attitude and attitude is the greatest asset a leader has. [When you have a Secretary of Defense named “Mad Dog”, it changes stuff. You think?]

 5. The 2020 Census will be upon us and redistricting will follow thereafter. The Dems are left with a sliver of support in the big cities — only the big cities — on the East and West coasts. This will solidify Republican ownership of governers’ mansions and statehouses and this will drive re-districting like never before.

Bottom line it, Big Red Car

President-elect Trump has extraordinary strategic vision and instincts. Can’t see it any other way, can you?

The Rust Belt is open for him to control. If he does this, the future is solidly Republican. [A footnote for y’all — the Big Red Car doesn’t care a whit about parties. The Big Red Car cares abut governance and results. Only results count.]

If executed correctly by the Trumpians, the Democrats are a regional party with a single back bencher row in the Congress. This will set the SCOTUS direction for 40 years into the future.

OK, that’s it. Back to our regular programming. But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Be good to yourself and remember it’s date night.cropped-LTFD-illust_300.png

26 thoughts on “Strategy, President-elect Trump

  1. Some things on the Trump agenda will be hard to quantify-and hard to execute on. For example, dropping corporate taxes to 15%. How much new economic activity will be created from it? Very hard to say-but the Democrats are already saying, “Thanks to Obama, the economy is poised to roll”. How much new economic activity will be generated from de-regulation? Again, hard to say. You can point to one or two industries that will clearly benefit (coal is one).

    Repealing the landmark legislation of Obama (obamacare and dodd-Frank) also is going to be tough. Republicans don’t necessarily want to blanket repeal them and leave a void-although they should.

    If watching Obama build the albatross was both maddening and interesting, watching how Trump executes at dismantling-or even utilizing it to his own advantage might be the same.

  2. Trump will continue to lob grenades at Corp America (see Boeing, Carrier), perhaps more for symbolism than anything else. He’s become, unintentionally, a new breed of lobbyist. Trump will be known as a master of microeconomics cause the big pix stuff is beyond his reach, and dare I say, comprehension. The real big winner in Corp America? TWTR. CEO Dorsey must be tickled pink that Trump is our Pres-elect. Finally, someone has made his biz relevant, but I’m still selling before year end. The media continues to cover all of Trump’s whims and Tweets as if our country functions like a dictatorship. This ain’t the f-in Philippines. Even a Repub controlled Congress will reel this guy in. Even before assuming the office, Trump’s in steroid retrenchment mode w/ respect to Obamacare, climate control, waterboarding, the wall, etc. I must admit, Trump is a PR genius, but for me the accolades end there. More Rob Ford, than Ronald Reagan.

    PS Miss you over at the other place. It’s become way too sanguine and predictable.


    • .
      Thanks for stopping by, Salt.

      I think the thing with Trump is that because of who he is — multitude of character flaws and all — and because he’s never been in gov’t or politics, what he does is completely instinctive. How could it be otherwise? He has the best instincts in politics right now. That may change quickly but right now, he’s throwing a no hitter. [“He’ll never get the nomination,” said everyone.]

      One underestimates a guy like Donald J Trump at their own peril. He is able to build 100-story buildings which is no small thing. One may fairly think that politics is only as complex as the lowest common denominator — in this case the deplorables, who he raked in by the boat load. The Carrier/US Steel jobs commentary is great theater and optics.

      I am impressed by the number and variety of folks he’s had drop by for a chat — no evidence of any residual mean-spiritedness there when you invite Rahm, Gore, Leo and consider Romney for Sec of State. I didn’t see that coming. You?

      I am impressed by the purity of his Cabinet picks. No gilding the lily. I like 4-star Marine Generals as they will take a hill and never look back. They will get stuff done and right now the biggest indictment of gov’t is it never gets anything done or done well. We shall see.

      He seems to be an ardent student of the job and someone who is in a position to know tells me that he and Obama, genuinely, get along. I feel sorry for Obama.

      Some of Trump’s stuff is just uninformed and puffery but some of it will happen and happen Big League!

      There is clearly a change in the attitude of the country — more positive. The guy who puts up my Christmas lights says his business is up more than 100%.

      Perhaps the biggest short term change is the knowledge of the wholesale failure of the MSM, punditry, pollsters, et al, getting it so damn wrong. That means what they say today is no better. Even I am amazed at how dumb they all were. It would be unfair to suggest I saw this coming as I was only really beating the drum for the continuation of the umbrage and anger emanating from the 2014 election. I saw that as unabated and unquenched and it turned out to be the truth. I never saw him winning the Rust Belt.

      [The third party candidates really did cost HRC the Rust Belt. Look at the numbers. Very powerful dynamic there. A friend who is into Republican politics full time spent his time getting the Green Party and Johnson/Weld on the ticket in ten different Rust Belt states. He was on it two years ago. I thought he was insane. I owe him a few BBQs for his prescience. No Johnson/Stein — I think HRC is President. This is a way under-reported story. Look at the numbers.]

      I am glad that the election is over and look forward to Trump governing. I think he’s going to be very good for the country. The next election, 2018, may be the last time the Dems operate as a faux nationwide party. They are reduced to the coasts and the big cities. There are 23 Dem Senators up for re-election and all of them voted for Obamacare.

      Be well and say hello to all my thin skinned liberal friends and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


      • Change in attitude. I see it and feel it big time. More optimism for sure. They tell me they can’t keep the filets in stock at the E3 Chophouse!!!!!

      • > Even I am amazed at how dumb they all were.

        Yup. But: They formed a herd, a mob. For a lot of people who didn’t go along, the mob attacked with a pile on. In such a group, mutually reinforcing and protecting, it’s easy for an individual totally to fit in and to be just totally dumb.

    • Trump will continue to lob grenades at Corp America (see Boeing, Carrier), perhaps more for symbolism than anything else.

      The Carrier effort apparently did save ballpark 1000 jobs. For those worker bees, say, this Xmas, that’s a lot better than just a grenade.

      Since the Carrier plant was in Indiana and since Pence is and has been Governor there, he had been involved going back months.

      Sure, partly Trump got some headlines, spin, and PR as a can-do, will-do guy who cares about people and their jobs.

      Also notice some of the pictures of Trump, sometimes with Pence, in the carrier plant: The Carrier and other suits are in the background, and Trump is surrounded by worker bees, talking to them one on one, and having some of them show how they do their work. So, right, the workers bees have a lot of votes, and the suits, only a few. So, Trump was implying that he cares about the workers and continuing to build the support he needs to lead and get things done.

      Also, while POTUS Obama was just accepting that the US will be losing jobs, Trump, still just POTUS-elect, was showing that he already can help save jobs. How? Pick up a phone.

      So, right, it was ~1000 jobs, more than zero but less than 95 million. And we are not expecting that in all job saving/building efforts in the future Trump will be in the plants with the worker bees.

      For Trump and worker bees: (1) Notice that he has a reputation going way back of visiting construction sites and talking one on one with the workers welding steel, hanging drywall, etc. (2) Notice the video of Trump arriving at the NYT building for his NYT meeting: Trump went right to an NYT employee, not a suit, and shook his hand. (3) Notice in one of the more popular video clips of Trump arriving at the Army-Navy game yesterday Trump walks between two guys, apparently guards of some kind, stops, and one at a time, greets them. (4) Apparently the Army-Navy game is a PR biggie for the US DoD. So, at the coin toss on the field, there watching were the Navy’s CNO, the Army’s Chief of Staff, the Chair of the Joint Chiefs, and the Secretary of Defense. How ’bout that! Then notice: Apparently Trump had no public meeting with any of them! (5) In likely the best known photograph of Trump at the Army-Navy game, he is with some of the cadets, not with any of the brass.

      This stuff about the guy at the top caring about the guy at the bottom is a biggie: E.g., notice the story of a US Army Lieutenant in Akrapistan one night checking on his men, assigned two at a time to perimeter foxholes. In one foxhole, he was surprised to see three men. Closer, the third man was General Mattis, also checking on what the bottom level guys were doing in the foxholes that night.

      Point: Trump wants to show that he cares about the worker bees. Yes, the Carrier deal was partly symbolic.

      Sure, Trump might be just putting on an act. His opponent in the general election was an excellent actress, IMHO much better at acting than Trump. But my reading is that Trump is sincere.

      Yes, the “grenade” Trump lobbed at Boeing was likely also symbolic: IIRC, so far Boeing has had only a $150 million contract to study and plan the next Air Force One. It is not clear from the usual news what the $4 billion figure would cover — R&D of special systems just for Air Force One, planning, design, test, evaluation, construction, operation, maintenance, etc.?

      So, Boeing has a right to feel that populist Trump was a bit unfair to them.

      On the other hand, Boeing is a big company with a lot of US DoD business, and Trump is the POTUS-elect and as POTUS soon will have to be negotiating more high-end equipment for the US DoD. So, likely Trump wants to make a public show that he will spend tax payer’s money carefully. It is likely good to accept that broadly a sense of spending money carefully should come from the top.

      Indeed, during the campaign he gave good examples of spending money carefully in both the Republican primaries and the general election: In the primaries, IIRC !Jeb spent $200 million and got 4 votes. In the general, Hillary spent, as I saw yesterday, $1.2 billion and lost. IIRC in the general, Trump spent ballpark $200 million and less in the primaries.

      Point: Trump can claim he spends money carefully, and US taxpayers want to know that.

      Trump will be known as a master of microeconomics cause the big pix stuff is beyond his reach, and dare I say, comprehension.

      Trump has been successful putting up 100 story buildings. Maybe some of the math in some of the wind loading design and engineering calculations are “beyond his reach and … comprehension” but, still, the buildings are not falling over in the winds.

      I’m concerned about the macro economic modeling details of Trump’s plans for the economy, but lack of public evidence of good work is not evidence of lack of good work.

      Recently in a TV interview a Trump staffer started to blurt out some of the details of some of the current Trump economic planning work but was cut off by the interviewer apparently sensing losing some of the audience.

      If all the macro economic planners were laid end to end, it would be a good thing.

      But, the economy is one of the very most important jobs of the POTUS, and it is tough to claim that our past jump shot expert in chief was doing much.

      For any Trump proposal no doubt the Congressional Budget Office and maybe also the staff of the Department of Treasury will get involved. And Trump is bringing in some of the most successful finance guys on Wall Street where can see evidence of their expertise on the economy in their net worth figures.

      In a recent Paul Ryan interview, he emphasized that the planning for tax changes are already in progress. BTW, in that interview, Ryan mentioned that, with the Democrats, the details of the exception for the General Mattis appointment as SECDEF are already in the works and will be ready for Trump to sign on 1/20/2017 — i.e., Ryan and Congress are getting busy with the Trump plans.

      Which POTUS — Obama, W, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, … — would you propose as having done a much better job on economic planning than Trump will be able to do in 2017?

      I’m concerned about what Trump may do with the economy, but we have GOT to get growing again, really SHOULD, soon, now, y’hear, to make a lot of progress on our balance of trade, basically MUST get a lot of the 94 million back to work, etc. There will be a LOT of experts eager to comment on Trump’s economic plans; those plans will not nearly be all from just between Trump’s ears.

      But, talking high winds, how good was W’s planning for the US real estate market? How ’bout the worst since 1929? Our economic planning during WWII was much better, e.g., with no biggie inflation during the war, no big crash after the war, and, instead, an economic boom.

      Since a lot that Trump wants to do for the economy will have to come on-line gradually anyway, there will be time to see biggie problems developing if any do and make corrections.

      Then an issue would be, will Trump monitor the work and progress carefully enough to make needed corrections? My guess is, yes. Why? As we have seen in his business, his primary campaign, and his general campaign, Trump is good at getting big, complicated things done. In his 100 story buildings, I’d guess that often, maybe usually and frequently, there were some unexpected problems somewhere between the first steps and the final, completed building that he had to handle. Apparently he did.

      Point: I am reasonably confident that Trump’s economic constructions will withstand high winds much like his 100 story buildings do.

      The media continues to cover all of Trump’s whims and Tweets as if our country functions like a dictatorship.

      Yes, it appears that the media likes to try to make Trump’s use of Twitter, etc. look trivial, irresponsible, inappropriate for a POTUS-elect, etc.

      Well, look at the track record of the media on Trump and his chances since he announced for POTUS: Really sick-o. The mainstream media (MSM) has lost a lot of credibility.

      IIRC, Trump’s standard response to the MSM caterwauling about his use of social media is simply that “they are modern forms of communications”.

      E.g., a few weeks ago, for both my project and Trump, I wanted to understand Twitter better so became a Twitter user for the first time. And, on Twitter, I follow Trump. So far, what I’ve seen is fine, just fine. Similarly for what appear to be his two main Web sites — fine with me. And when he has an interview or makes a speech, usually I watch on YouTube and keep a link and maybe a transcript. To me, getting the words directly from Trump makes a lot more sense than getting the deliberately distorted, fabricated, lying versions from the MSM.

      Even a Repub controlled Congress will reel this guy in.

      Apparently part of a political campaign is to paint, frame, or describe an opponent in unfavorable terms. Well, it appears that at least in the general election the MSM-Hillary propaganda machine worked hard to describe Trump as irresponsible, a loose cannon the deck, etc.

      E.g., such an accusation was that Trump rallies incited violence. Well, now we know better: The Hillary campaign and the Democrat party paid some third party people to incite violence at Trump rallies. Then the MSM-Hillary propaganda machine blamed Trump.

      That looks a lot like Der Stürmer blaming the German Jews for the violence of Kristallnacht.

      It looks like a lot of people bought into this propaganda.

      But I could find no good evidence that Trump did anything irresponsible.

      One of the more serious and frequent accusations the MSM-Hillary propaganda machine threw at Trump was that he is racist.

      As far as I could tell, the accusations never came with anything like meaningful evidence. Moreover, some good debunking of such a claim has long been available from what Trump did, at considerable effort and expense, to break down the racism of the private clubs in Palm Beach. Details have long been at

      Much more generally, for all nasty accusations the MSM-Hillary propaganda machine threw at Trump, I could never find any serious evidence that Trump had ever done anything significantly wrong on anything at all significant for being POTUS. Nothing. Nil. Nada. Zip, zilch, and zero.

      So, it looked like the MSM-Hillary campaign did a gang up and pile on, all repeated the same accusations over and over, and, thus, used one of the old techniques of propaganda — have enough newspapers repeat the a distortion, fabrication, or lie often enough and can get a significant fraction of the public to believe the falsehood, even if it is as absurd as little green men from Mars.

      Apparently a lot of people believed the propaganda — no evidence but just lots of repetition. Bummer.

      For “Congress will reel this guy in.”, I see no need or prospect.

      Even before assuming office Trump’s in steroid retrenchment mode w/ respect to Obamacare, climate control, waterboarding, The Wall, etc.

      I don’t believe those claims. Instead, the claims look like more MSM propaganda.

      The credibility of the MSM on Trump is junk. Moreover, no one should believe much of anything they get from newspapers. This situation is old — it’s easy to see such contempt for newspapers even in movies from the 1930s.

  3. After a few years in DC I learned that few in the press understand anything outside the bubble. They live for the cocktail conversation with their friend two levels down. This drives the need for predictability in the agencies so that this level contact can explain dynamics and implications to B students from J school.
    The core of the panic about Trump is the disruption of that pattern, Journalist are lost! I laugh at the conversation bouncing between, He is bringing in insiders and he is way outside the norms. CLUELESS!
    DC reached peak predictability under Barry who extended that to NYC and SJ. The media loved it, easy work!
    I look forward to leaders who embrace a strategy of disruption, retooling rather than “Change” Question the little things like the Air Force one contract to keep folks on their toes and honest. This will also be a great base for foreign policy as everyone steps up to the table open and ready vs. positioned and planned.
    The left will be lost while they seek to understand, tack down and create slogans for the new party that is not part of the “Uni-Party” approach.
    New game, new field, new rules… TBD

    • .
      Excellent, insightful analysis. Thanks, Tim.

      The reality that Pres Trump is going to do it his way is just starting to sink in. This is going to be an interesting as Hell ride.

      He is going directly to the people and the lens held by the journalists (liberal cheerleaders) has been shattered into a million pieces.


  4. Shocked that ‘they’ are finding flaws in his picks and the people that he is meeting with. He must be having a ball literally being able to try and get the top people for jobs instead of acting like a municipal port authority.

    By the way I will go on record as saying that the conflicts with his business are way overblown. People don’t realize that money for Trump is a means to the end to gain power and recognition. If you are President you have already won at that game. He no longer needs money anymore (more money I mean) he has enough already to do what he wants by having the most powerful position in the world.

    This reminds me of why I don’t buy nice clothes anymore. I already have a wife, no need to dress up to attract women like when I was in my 20’s.

    • .
      At some point in life, you can afford any taco and as many tacos as you want. Trump is left with only ego enrichment and self-esteem nourishment as currencies in which he trades.

      The other day some clown was making some lustful, sophomoric comments about Melania and the other commentator noted that President-elect Trump slept with the object of their lust. They were just envious.

      Trump is having a ball because this stuff is actually quite easy. Get the right people and tell them your vision, then kick them in the ass.

      I laugh at the notion of having a Sec of Defense whose nickname is MAD DOG. What do you think the Russians, the Chinese, Iran, ISIS thinks about that. Funny thing is he is one of the most “intellectual” Generals of his generation.

      The billionaires he has put in charge of some departments are “turnaround” guys — guys who can chop, reorganize, and motivate organizations to streamline and produce. These guys are going to make things better almost immediately.

      I can’t wait until he gets a chance to deal with taxes. It is going to be an instantaneous win for the entire country. Every day he is making Pres Obama seem more and more ineffectual. Things that Obama has said are impossible, Trump eats for breakfast.

      This nonsense about not being able to talk to Taiwan because it pisses the Chinese off is silly. That is the pragmatism that Trump will bring to the Presidency. No obligations and no sacred cows. Just cheeseburgers.

      Based on what I’ve seen so far, I am liking Trump’s policies, people, and process. He just keeps whittling things down to bite sized chunks.

      He hasn’t even been inaugurated. This shows how much wisdom a person garners by being in business for 30 or more years. Bravo!


      • Just got off the phone with a guy that I am trying to buy something from that owns a contract manufacturing company in flyover Penna. Start to talk about Trump (his idea) and he tells me that he went to NY Military Academy with Trump back in the 60’s. (He is about 2 years younger than Trump). 400 person family business, quality work all done in the US.

        This nonsense about not being able to talk to Taiwan because it pisses
        the Chinese off is silly. That is the pragmatism that Trump will bring
        to the Presidency. No obligations and no sacred cows. Just

        Well why if they have never done business deals would they understand strategy and leverage, bluffing etc. No seat of the pants feel at all.

        I laugh at the notion of having a Sec of Defense whose nickname is MAD
        DOG. What do you think the Russians, the Chinese, Iran, ISIS thinks
        about that. Funny thing is he is one of the most “intellectual” Generals
        of his generation.

        You probably know way more about this than I do but reminds me of what the Russians were able to do to Kennedy back in the 60’s by being the crazy driver that others look out for.

        • .
          I have always wondered what really happened with Cuba and the Russians.

          A couple of years ago, it was declassified that the USMC had 45-65,000 Marines on ships and a Regiment (2,000 riflemen) in Gitmo ready to invade Cuba. Never knew that before. That is a lot of Marines. I imagine it was the entire Corps at that time.

          The idea that we boarded Russian ships at sea and lived to tell the tale, reveals how much of a game the Russians were playing.

          Krushchev was testing Kennedy’s balls after having decided Eisenhower was scary. Declassified Russian docs from the era show that the Politboro was scared to death of Eisenhower which goes back to his personal conduct at Goldsboro with Krushchev.

          The Russians never did stand up their nuclear missiles in Cuba, so if we’d had an exchange, it was not going to be local.

          The Russians had to know that the Marines were going to take Cuba in less than a week.

          In retrospect, we probably missed a chance to grab Cuba and to make it part of the US. Likely would have saved a lot of trouble.

          We made a deal with the Russians to pull some nuclear missiles out of Turkey which was a net win for the Russians. We took out operational weapons systems and they retrieved missiles that were not yet operational.

          Keep an eye on Turkey as they are a NATO member who is funding Hamas and Hezbollah and might end up in bed with the Russian Bear.

          All the US has to do is stop bluffing. If you say you’re going to do something, do it. Don’t be quick to say stuff and be prepared to act without warning. Make our enemies lose sleep as to what a Mad Dog Pentagon might be capable of doing.

          Just like Mexico and Canada have already agreed to renegotiate NAFTA while knowing fully what the US wants.


          • There is way to much love for Cuba now I think it’s some liberal thing because it reminds people of the fucking dead Kennedy’s or something like that. It has some mystical mythical power as if it’s really different at the core than any hot island with ram shackle buildings and in this case old well preserved cars. People love the parts unknown just not the shit place that is located near you or me with old buildings.

            Meanwhile Puerto Rico rots away and that’s a fine island paradise, inhabited, get this, with our citizens.

            A big difference between Trump and previous Presidents or any politicans is that he doesn’t give a shit what the press thinks and is free of that entire leg iron in terms of his decision making and thinking.

          • .
            It is a socialist paradise.

            Even though that POS Fidel is dead, the cruelty and the administration is institutionalized. It continues unabated under Fidel’s POS brother, Raul.

            Cuba is a prison state in which a handful of the overseers live well and the rest of the people are so oppressed that when they get table scraps they are thankful.

            Fidel dies worth a billion dollars and stupid people think he’s a great revolutionary and leader. He was just another POS scumbag stealing from his people while killing, torturing, maiming, imprisoning anyone who blinked against him.

            It is an indictment of the CIA that they were unable to assassinate this POS.

            You are absolutely right about Puerto Rico but PR is, essentially, unsafe.

            Trump has great instincts and all the dipshits who got it wrong in the polls and punditry think they can now begin to criticize him as if they’ve somehow regrown their hymens.

            We are stupid to listen to them.

            Watching Trump maneuver with such ease confirms what a terrible President Obama has been. Worst. President. Ever.


    • > People don’t realize that money for Trump is a means to the end to gain power and recognition.

      Nice observation.

        • Generally I don’t go where I’m not wanted.

          Maybe I’m saving more posts at AVC for when I announce my public beta test.

          That will be darned soon after I stop the unexpected, exogenous interruptions from slowing the last of the alpha test. The interruptions have been something like the plagues from the Old Testament or some such. All the work uniquely mine is fine and always has been.

          No one believed for even half a second either the Little Red Hen or Trump before the actual results were obtained.

          For AVC, I don’t have more keystrokes I much care to allocate discussing my project before public beta or for adding to the issues raised at AVC.

          Look, as Trump has just taught a lot of people, a lot of people don’t want to entertain anything about a possible victory before the final score. And after winning, a lot of people are very resentful that their desires were not met and their predictions were proven false. Ah, a lot of Hollywood snowflakes melted!

          While failure is an orphan with many excuses and victory has many parents, still for any victory there are a lot resentful people.

          Nearly any deliberately planned and executed major victory is quite exceptional and, thus, difficult to reconcile with the ordinary and a challenge to the sense of security and self-esteem of nearly everyone who did not see the possibility.

  5. Yep. Yep. Love the leadership on this. Those are high quality jobs that need to stay in the USA. Maybe he will be a 2 term pres?

  6. I think that your post here is part of your regular programming in that Trump’s strategies and tactics were some great examples of great CEO’ing. He took his A game right to where it was needed most. His opponent’s strategies and tactics were far inferior. You get it yet snowflake protester?

    I like how he’s going back to the rust belt and still putting on his rallies. That to me is really neat to see. It will be nice to have a president who’s loyalties are to the American people. A president (and entire party) who won’t play the racist card 24/7 and be the faux globalist puppet who bows to our enemies.

    It’s nice to have a real man’s man in charge for a change.

    • 7K per job in Indiana – – sounds pretty damn good to me. How much would it have cost the government to have 1,000 more people on unemployment?

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