Nuclear Iran

Big Red Car here. Starting to cloud up a bit here in the ATX, what’s up with that? Nice cool temperature.

So the situation in the Middle East is heating up. Every time one hot spot flares up some other hot spot is ignored. Think about it.

The Chinese got a “get out of jail free” card when the war on terrorism heated up. We ignored them for a decade and now they’re just creeping back onto the radar.

Such is the situation with the Iranians and their unceasing development of a nuclear weapon. In the furor that is now Syria and the rest of the Arab Spring become the Arab Firestorm, we have taken our eye off Iran. No more invective about not allowing the Iranians to develop a nuclear weapon. No more breathless press releases about the delayed and extended negotiations to get the Iranians to join the league of civilized nations. No more threats of military retaliation or prevention. Just crickets really.

In the hand wringing that had led up to the delayed but well deserved bombing of ISIS in Syria, the Iranians have been given tacit approval to become Nuclear Iran.

You think not?

Consider that we are only a month from the extended deadline to arrive at a solution and the Secretary of State has not said a word about the negotiations. The negotiations are done. The result?

The United States is ready to accept a Nuclear Iran by default. Iran knows it and soon the world will know it.

Bombs away

The Iranians have played their cards extremely well and have gotten some environmental breaks of gargantuan proportions. They always intended to drag their feet and delay things — they told us as much — until their arrival at Nuclear Iran was a fait accompli. This is the way they have always operated. Once we unfroze their assets, we had no negotiating leverage. We had these mullahs on the ropes and we cut them loose in some misguided notion that they would appreciate the gesture. Naive!

President Obama was never, ever really going to unleash the American military against Iran. They knew this. Witness the hand wringing and provocation — beheading American citizens — necessary to unleash the American military against ISIS.

Nuclear Iran

If you think things are dicey with Al Qaeda, ISIS/L, Khorasan Group (no, they are not an IT consulting practice) and other bad actors in the Middle East wait until you have a Nuclear Iran. The fun is only starting.

That nuclear capability will be on display and will be used very soon. Despots cannot resist using their toys.


Even before Nuclear Iran becomes a reality, Iran is a major league (as opposed to a junior varsity) pain in the ass.

1. Iran exports state funded and supported terrorism globally.

2. Iran is a despotic, brutal regime which visits unspeakable horrors on their own people.

3. Iran was the builder and supplier of molten copper shape charge IEDs into Iraq which resulted in horrific American casualties.

4. Iran is a supporter of Hamas, Hezbollah and Syria. They are funders and enablers of every brand of evil in the Middle East. They are drivers in the recent Gaza troubles with Israel.

5. The Iranian Quds are direct participants in the Syrian conflict, the Gaza unpleasantness and Lebanon. They are everywhere.

There is no restraint or opposing force confronting the Iranians in the terror world. There is no meaningful internal dissent.

Can you imagine that such blackguards will evidence any restraint when they are Nuclear Iran? It would be contrary to a half century of experience and history. No, my friends, Nuclear Iran is going to be a disaster of Biblical proportions.


Very simply put — the United States does not have a coherent strategy for dealing with the Middle East and southwest Asia. We are by our own admission clueless.

Our inability to fashion and execute a coherent strategy and our distraction in the resulting frenzy will allow Iran to become Nuclear Iran.

Given where we are currently, what will possibly stop them? Is the US going to bomb yet another country? Not bloody likely.

Roll it off your tongue, chew it a bit and swallow — Nuclear Iran is right around the corner and the world is not ready for it.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car.


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  1. You are correct on all points. Iran is the biggest sponsor of terror in the world and they will soon have nukes. God help us.

    • .
      The specter of a Nuclear Iran should strike fear in any reasonable person. It will be a disaster which will force Israel to act alone.


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