Mentoring @ TechStars Austin

Big Red Car here. So nice and warm here in the ATX. So sunny and peaceful. Gotta love it, y’all!

So The Boss is doing some mentoring for TechStars Austin. He is blessed to have two startups to work with — one is SmartHost and the other is LawnStarter.

Companies have the luxury of having more than one lead mentor and take advantage of this opportunity. The companies call the shot on this.

The Boss tries to meet with the startups once a week for up to two hours — time period is a decision of the company.

Here is The Boss meeting with the SmartHost team at Annie’s for breakfast in downtown Austin. [It is important for a mentor to feed the team to ensure they do not get too lean and hungry.]

¬†Annie’s is a restaurant on Congress Avenue across from the TechStars Austin offices.

A quick word about the TechStars Austin operation — most impressive. The guy who runs it, Jason Seats, and his right hand woman, the famous Andy A, are just brilliant at what they do. The Boss has never been more impressed with an entire team as he is with the TechStars Austin team. First class!

The individual companies, eleven in all, are the pick of thousands of applicants. Also first class.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Be kind to someone today and smile to yourself. The world will smile right back at you and the karma will flow strong and true for you, my friend.



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