Go Visit Canada, Now!

Big Red Car here in the ATX expecting some nice weather today — sunny and 75F. Ahhh, winter is a nice time, y’all. It is winter somewhere, right?

So The Boss loves Canada. He wants Canada and the United States to merge. Thus far, there is no traction on this score but he wants YOU to visit.

Why, Big Red Car?

Cause the US Dollar is strong as horseradish v the Canadian dollar.

Look here, my beloved. The Canadian dollar is called the “Loonie.”

Wow, Big Red Car, Canada is on sale if you have American dollars, right?

Yes, you are right. You’re usually right.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car looking for a road trip! Be good to yourself. Go to Canada and live it up, eh? [I like the terror profile of Canada, also.]


5 thoughts on “Go Visit Canada, Now!

  1. ……..great country. Love the people. Spent 3 weeks in Vancouver & Edmonton this summer for the World Cup (soccer). And the added purchasing power is a nice bonus.

  2. Canada: Yup, really nice people, millions of acres of just drop dead gorgeous scenery, gorgeous lakes up to high mountains, four big seasons a year, fantastic supplies of sea food, beer, timber, oil, shale oil, tight oil, and natural gas, total sweetheart baby polar bears, lots of eagles, hawks, falcons, ducks, geese, foxes, lynx, etc., the place of the world’s greatest sweetheart since Snow White, Anne of Green Gables, and, then, the French. Right, the French! Yup, no doubt drop dead gorgeous young women! And food, fantastic, unbelievable French food! And all along the Great Lakes, Canada just right on the other shore!

    Ah, we’d never merge! They are totally tied up with their British culture, the Queen, etc. And some aspects of our Constitution would be difficult for them to swallow because it would throttle some aspects of their government.

    But visit? LOVE to! ASAP once my startup works.

    Last night needed to get some code written as part of building my initial database, but due to some tricky aspects of Windows threading and processes, couldn’t get it to work. Thought about it going to sleep. Woke up with some ideas for some simple experiments to clarify what the heck was going on. Yup, the first experiment showed the solution! It’s a strange solution, but it works.

    So, right away I have a few hundred images to pick from, and this little piece of software will make the work go much faster this time and more times. To pick from the hundreds of images, we’re talking just two key strokes, Y or N and Enter.

    Then on to the rest of the work!

    Ah, Canada! Caneton a l’Orange!? With some Pommard! In a restaurant, in a huge log cabin, set in the woods, overlooking a lake, with a view of some snow capped mountains? Go hiking in the woods, canoeing on the lake, some climbing on the mountain? Gee, reason to hurry up and get the project live!

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