Electric Vehicles Heating Up

The Age of the Electric Vehicle is upon us in case you have been asleep, Rip Van Tesla.

EV is no longer a novelty racket run by a guy with a joint in his hand named Elon Musk and Tesla. Everybody is getting in the game.

Ford Motor Company, founded in 1903 in Detroit, Michigan by Henry Ford, is in the game.

Ford is the 2nd largest US automaker behind only General Motors and the 5th largest in the world (Toyota, Volkswagen, Hyundai, GM).

Though the company has been public since 1956, the Ford family still effectively controls Henry’s company through its ownership of Class B shares that control 40% of the total voting rights. [You thought the tech companies invented multiple classes of stock to retain control? Bless your heart.]

The company has approximately 185,000 employees worldwide — a decrease from about 220,000 just five years ago.

Ford, Big Red Car? Why?

Ahh, dear reader, Ford is in the EV racket now. Big time.

Haven’t noticed? Let’s look at the F stock chart, shall we? Those smart guys on Wall Street miss nothing. What do they think about Ford these days?

 1. That little dip, the second one, on the left is $4.24/sh on 29 March 2020. I picked that date as the date of COVID cognesescenti awareness.

 2. Friday’s close was $25.21/share.

OMG, you could have hit a 6-bagger in less than 24 months betting on Ford? 


Price, BTW, gents, is a 20-year high. Hello, America!

How did stodgy old Ford do this, Big Red Car?

Ford knows how to build cars.

 1. Ford, arguably, invented the bloody assembly line method of production.

 2. In 2021, Ford made almost 4,500,000 cars worldwide. Domestic sales in Q4-2021 were up 27% whilst industry sales declined 3%.

 3. Every potential Ford EV model is currently being built as an ICE powered model. Ford does not have to learn how to make a car like Tesla with its Cybertruck.

Cybertruck was supposed to arrive in early 2022 and is now expected in 2023 whilst Ford is shipping the Ford F-150 this year.

 4. The Ford F-150 Lightning has 200,000 reservations and starts shipping within 90 days.

 5. The Ford Mustang Mach-E is a reality having sold approximately 30,000 units. Mustang is the most iconic muscle car ever built since April 1964 with more than 10,000,000 sold in the United States.

Globally, the ‘Stang is literally the most popular and best-selling coupe ever invented. Boom!

Whatever you ever do in life, it will be way cooler if you do it in a red convertible Mustang. You admit that, right?

 6. Ford can make cars very efficiently.

Bottom line it, Big Red Car

EV is still in its infancy, but the infant is starting to climb out of its crib, change its own diaper, and crawl, walk, run.

This is going to be very sporty. Hang onto your hat.

Hurricanes start as gentle breezes and the winds of change are gathering! [Cliche alert.]

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car.

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I will never accept an electric motor because I am a Muscle Car.