Economy – how good?

How good is the US economy? We hear a lot of interesting things, but the media is still not adequately reporting on this subject.

Let’s discuss two small issues: full time v part time jobs and Hispanic unemployment.

Full time v part time employment

This chart says it all.

Full time employment is headed up. Part time employment is headed down. All employment, overall, is headed up.

This tells us that even with the same number of jobs — in fact, jobs are increasing, but go with it for a second — the quality of the jobs is improving. That level of granularity is missing in the front page discussion.

Hispanic household income

It is one thing to have a job, but is it a good job? Is it getting better? How would you measure it?

Let’s take a look at Hispanic family income.

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This is a very nice rate of increase in the last four years and it continues into 2018. This is a phenomenon which is inadequately reported.

So, dear reader, there you have it. The economy is good. It continues to grow.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Go, household income!