North Korea — WTF?

North Korea — today, we talk about North Korea.

Big Red Car here on a glorious Texas, cool, crisp morning. It is incredible to be alive in the ATX. On Earth as it is in Texas, y’all.

Hey, the world needs to keep an eye on this guy in North Korea. He is up to no good and he’s a maniac.

Kim pic

North Korea’s Kim Jong-on — Oh no!

Here’s the scoop.

North Korea? What are you worried about, Big Red Car?

There are several things that worry me about North Korea.

First, they are becoming progressively more belligerent and demonstrative. They have nuclear weapons. [Just like Iran, we made a deal with the NKs to give them food if they would stop enriching plutonium back in the Clinton administration. That worked out well, no?]

The intelligence community has recently reached consensus that North Korea has developed the capability to “miniaturize” its nuclear weapons meaning they are small enough to sit atop a missile, such as an ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile).

The North Koreans have been constantly developing and testing their missile capabilities. They are soon going to marry their miniaturization and their missiles. This is a very bad combination.

The North Koreans recently conducted nuclear tests which were reported to be of a certain type of warhead. The world couldn’t figure out what type it was as it was very small.

The Big Red Car wonders if it was a miniaturized weapon?

The North Koreans recently tested a submarine launched missile. Nobody knows where the test missile landed. This is not good. The combination of submarine launched missiles, miniaturized weapons — makes the whole damn world within their range.

[We likely have every one of their submarines identified by sound signature, so they aren’t going to show up in the Gulf of Mexico — IF WE DO OUR JOB. But, they have twenty 1,800 ton Romeo class subs — the ones that can support a sub launched missile and maybe multiple tubes. They have forty Sang-O class subs weighing in at 300 tons each, not likely capable now of hefting a sub launched missile. They have some additional ten midget subs. We need to stay on top of the NK subs wherever they wander in the world. Need to sink a few from time to time.]

Can’t China keep North Korea under control, Big Red Car?

The Chinese are becoming progressively more belligerent themselves in the region with their militarization of the South China Sea and their installing shore-to-ship missiles on islands they have built there. These island have runways big enough for the largest Chinese bombers and can interdict these incredibly busy shipping lanes for a 3-600 mile radius (depends on what missile systems they put there).

Chinese islands

Chinese expanded and fortified island — trouble.

These same islands are like anchored aircraft carriers which can launch attack aircraft to roam for 1,000 miles in ever direction.

Bottom line it, Big Red Car

Bottom line — we need to keep an eye on this idiot. He is not a harmless farmer. He is a maniac.

Kim 2

Fat farmer and guys in goofy hats — all of them.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Be kind to yourselves. Please. You deserve it.cropped-LTFD-illust_300.png



6 thoughts on “North Korea — WTF?

  1. what the heck is up with the cover on the officers in the N Korean Army? who the hell would want to wear that? I wouldn’t have fit in doorways with that sort of cover on.

  2. I am so glad this administration set its’ eye early on the Asian theater where diplomacy has paid off! /s
    The lack of reciprocity or a lower state of existence is freeing. Iraq and Syria can’t be bombed back to the stone age when they live there. In NK death beats starvation in life’s Rock Paper Scissors game.
    Leadership is also not dispersed so no one to get behind as you run into battle. NATO, UN, UK not even paper tigers! In a one world government the point of the spear does not need to be as sharp as the protective membrane is spread thin.

  3. Unique volume in the bookshelf of bat shit crazy and with just one live example.

    You, know, submarine engineering is very tricky stuff. There are lots of examples, say, where just one itsy bitsy, teeny tiny mistake-y resulted in some many tons of metal, blood, bones, etc. three to seven miles down with essentially no evidence at all. Those things can sink, at any time, with no evidence for the reason and for a long time no evidence that they did sink except that they just didn’t return as planned. Tough business, submarines. I’m not so sure that many nations can do reliable submarine engineering.

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